New Single : I Still Have Faith In You / Don’t Shut Me Down / New Album : Voyage – ABBA

It was planned Magic Music Magazine returned last friday, but due to website changes I am back today with ABBA. Enjoy their New Singles I Still Have Faith In You and Don’t Shut Me Down. Preorder their upcoming New Album Voyage with 10 new tracks on different formats and promote their comeback with a Hoodie or a Tshirt.



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NEW ALBUM & NEW ABBA 40 Anniversary TOUR : ABBA !!!!

If the rumours are true it will happens soon that everybody is talking about the biggest comeback in music history!


After their split up in 1982, ABBA has made 8 new tracks and about the songs that has a their famous sound, a secret source has told that the songs are not finished yet and that they do everything to keep the music a secret.

Next year a tour will followed as well!

It all won’t be strange, as it is exactly 40 years ago that “Waterloo” conquered the world and it is the right time for a celabration.

Last year already tried fans to get back the ladies for an upcoming event as well. To read all about the voices of ABBA. Click on the picture below:


To read everything about ABBA, they have an amazing official website, really worthwhile to click on (the picture below) as well and I bet that “ABBA 40 Anniversary” means lots more than just mentioned news of the past.

ABBA official

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