New Single : La Bambola (Patty Pravo) – Loredana

In the eighties Anny Schilder impressed with “La Bambola”. As she is something special it will always be my favorite version, but… Loredana (2 Fabiola) made a wonderful edition as well. The original version (1968) was made by Patty Pravo. Check the differences.



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New Single : Ce Sont Les Vacances – Jan & Anny

Jan Keizer & Anny Schilder have recorded their Official Video for “Ce Sont Les Vacances” in KOS. Looking forward to hear their summer anthem, which is one of the tracks on “The Two Of Us” (2012).

Greatest Hits


The Two Of Us

Unforgettable Duets

Greatest Hits -CD+DVD

New Boxset : Greatest Hits +4 Ltd CD+DVD – Jan & Anny

Celebrate 8 years Jan & Anny with their Boxset “Greatest Hits” featuring a CD including the Singles “Take Me To Ibiza”, “I Love The Summertime” and a new version of “Chanson D’Amour”. On the DVD you enjoy 13 videoclips and a recent interview.

Full tracklist:

01. Take me to Ibiza
02. C’est la vie
03. Don’t try to change me*
04. Felicita
05. Amor amor
06. Mon amour je t’aime
07. Afraid to fall in love again
08. I’ll be there
09. Drumurile Noastre
10. Is it love like before
11. I love the summertime
12. Festa dell ‘uva
13. Chanson d’amour*
14. Dance with me (all night long)*
15. I’m in love with you*

Greatest Hits.


CD/DVD 11/10/2017

BREAKING NEWS: Worldwide Breakthrough Just An Illusion – BZN

Early 1983 Magic Music Band BZN got a huge hit in the Netherlands with “Just An Illusion”.

Many years later in 2015 at a TV Show “Beste Zangers van Nederland” (In Sweden called “Så Mycket Bättre”) Julia Zahra impressed with her cover of the classic.

Recently (December 5, 2016) on Facebook BZN-singer Jan Keizer told his fans, that Julia Zahra is on tour in Bangkok because of this and yesterday BZN-leader Jan Tuijp told his Facebook friends that the song is a worldwide breakthrough on YouTube with lots of covers, like Kula Kei Uluivuya, Bradly Akeman, Spinati Williams and SayrblM AzLiiLOV.

Besides Julia, an official Single release has been made last year by Wim and Jordi Schurer.

Discover more great hits by BZN at “My Best of BZN”.

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The Singles Collection 1965-2005 – Album – BZN

Just An Illusion – Single – Julia Zahra 06/20/2015

New Single: I Love The Summertime – Jan & Anny

BZN-members Jan & Anny has released a brandnew Single “I Love The Summertime” after Jan sang with his other singing partner Carola Smit the excellent “I’m A Lucky Son”, together with lots of Greatest Hits with both females on the new Album “It Happened 50 Years Ago”

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I Love The Summertime – Jan & Anny

It Happened 50 Years Ago – BZN

New Album: Unforgettable Duets / Breaking News: Breast Cancer Annie Schilder – Jan & Anny

I have said lots of times in my life “Why does the most special persons Always get cancer?”. This week Annie Schilder will start her chemo cure against breast cancer, while her album with Jan Keizer “Unforgettable Duets” will release.

Very strange that while I was planning to write about that, the news arrived around Annie! You can preorder the album right here, right now including their great single “Felicita” and “Drumurile Noastre” with Dan Spătaru, a legend from Romania!


Unforgettable Duets – Jan & Anny 10/10/2014

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