New Single : The Land Of Make Believe Christmas 2016 – Christmas Edition – The Fizz

Bucks Fizz has re-recorded A brand new, exclusive version of “The Land Of Make Believe” for Christmas 2016 with Mike Stock and in 2017 they will have a complete full New Album to celebrate their 35 years Music history and on the MPG Records website you can buy the CDsingle, that is set to release December 6th.!/Land-Of-Make-Believe-Christmas-2016-Christmas-Edition-CD-PRE-ORDER/p/75758181/category%3D21652325

My Best Of Bucks Fizz

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Magic Events : The O2 London – Bros

Actually I expected to write a blog October 1st that Bros made a comeback as Matt Goss returns to Wembley for a concert, but… a few days later Bros made a comeback with the news that we have to wait for August 19th and than Luke and Matt will gave a Comeback concert in The O2 London to celebrate their 30th Anniversary.

Watch for more news about this Live Nation event their official website

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The Best Of Bros

Magic Event: The Celebration Of Chapter III – 3T

Pepsipop 1996, during a hot summer I attend a music event with lots of artists including a concert at the end of 3T. I was with my friend Richard and after some hours I saw guys (no girls) just fade out and carry away. They looked more fit than I did. They could not handle the heat and I felt like I was almost knocked out as well, so I warn my schoolmate and walked to the neighbourhood of first aid post, nearby the stage.

TJ, Taryll and Taj Jackson came on stage and perform lots of songs from Brotherhood and if i remember it right also a beautiful cover of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”, but I had just one thing in mind “Can they maybe rap their songs?”.

At the end of the show, I was only surprised that I was stronger than all those muscled guys around us.

Like You could read at this website, I discovered the album “Chapter Three” a few months ago and it seems to be that someone wokes up that the Album needs some promotion and what for kind of promotion.

While I was asleep at monday morning I could meet the guys during their arrival at Schiphol airport. Unfortunately I was not watching my inbox and at the end there was not any other possibility as everyone noticed that the three nephews of Janet & Michael are in Holland for a couple of days.

Friday they had a “Up, Close And Personal”-event at RAI Amsterdam. A celebration of 20 years “Anything”, a song that is created with “Visions Of Love” in mind (Mariah Carey).

This month fans drove mad, when 3T tell that they had a second event the next day in Melkweg “A Celebration Of Chapter III” and I was there.

Fernando Halman present the show and tell the fans about his meeting with the guys, which gave him the family feeling, while he was at their home in 2015. The four asked the audience if they had questions for them and really everyone was taking good care that no one was ignored.

One of them asked about if the guys are doing a second season of “The Jacksons: Next Generation”, the real-life soap was ending up more sensational than they expected and if they do it again, than they wants to produce the TV-serie by themselves as they dislike the sensational way.

Fans get along very well and looks all very happy together. 8 of them gave that morning 800 US Dollars to the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation and that is lots of money, if you know that for 130 euro they enjoyed a soundcheck, a meet and greet and after this event an afterparty in Escape.

Some snippits of songs of the 3rd Album passed by including the story behind and ofcourse 3T performed live a couple of tracks. It seems to be that “Fire” is the ultimate favorite.

The brothers told us about their father Tito Jackson (a very friendly man that I met shortly while I was meeting Anastacia 2 years ago), that he helps them out with a bassline for a song and how Michael Jackson interrupt his rehearsal for a gig and take a plane to help them with a dance routine for “Anything”.

One of the other highlights was “Heaven”, a wedding song about TJ’s relationship with “the older” Frances. The song was not in time finished and he gets emotional while he was singing the lovesong.

It was not only “Chapter III”, but ofcourse some good old songs like “Stuck On You and “Anything” ends the magical moment of lots of 3T fans whom seeing their dreams came true and that reminds me of Pepsipop again. “TJ looks like Janet Jackson and sounds sometimes very “Michael Jacksonish”.

After the almost 2 hour during event, I had a short talking with a clever 3T-fan. What do you do when you meet your idol and are a manager of a beautiful perfume line called “Parfums Du Chateau Versailles”? Try to get some help of TJ!

The audience was very international and hope for everyone that 3T will do identical events in other countries as well!

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Chapter III



New Album : Chapter III (Re-Release) / Magic Events : Up Close And Personal – 3T

November 6th, 2015 3T released their 3rd full Album “Chapter III” and Holland just discovered the amazing album featuring the tribute to Delores Jackson Singles “The Story Of Love” and “The Power Of Love”.

The Album will be played live in full at the “Up Close And Personal”-concerts September 16/17 at RAI Amsterdam/ Melkweg Amsterdam to mark their 20th Anniversary of their Debut Single “Anything” featuring Boyband B-Brave as support act.

For more information (about the concerts)

Listen 2 3T – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

Listen 2 B-Brave – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Chapter III



New Boxset : Freddie Mercury: Messenger of the Gods — The Singles

A boxset of all 13 Freddie Mercury solo singles is to be released on 2 September, to mark what would have been the late Queen frontman’s 70th birthday.

Freddie Mercury: Messenger Of The Gods – The Singles tracklisting

01. I Can Hear Music – Larry Lurex (1973)
02. Goin’ Back – Larry Lurex
03. Love Kills (1984)
04. Rotwang’s Party (Robot Dance)
05. I Was Born To Love You (1985)
06. Stop All The Fighting
07. Mad in Heaven [Single Remix] (1985)
08. She Blows Hot and Cold
09. Living On My Own [Single Edit] (1985)
10. My Love is Dangerous
11. Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow (1985)
12. Let’s Turn It On
13. Time (1986)
14. Time [Instrumental]
15. The Great Pretender (1987)
16. Exercises in Free Love [Freddie’s Vocal]
17. Barcelona [Single Version] (1987)
18. Exercises in Free Love [Monserrat’s Vocal]
19. The Golden Boy [Single Edit] (1988)
20. The Fallen Priest [B-Side Edit]
21. How Can I Go On [Single Version] (1989)
22. Overture Piccante
23. In My Defence (1992)
24. Love Kills [Wolf Euro Mix]
25. Living On My Own [No More Brothers Radio Mix] (1993)
26. Living On My Own [Julian Raymond Album Mix]

Listen 2 Queen – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Freddie Mercury: Messenger of the Gods — The Singles 09/02/2016

New Album : 20 Years Greatest Hits – Paradisio

Paradiso makes our summer getting hotter for 20 years, so time for a “Greatest Hits” Album featuring “Vamos A La Playa”, “Bailando”, “Ritmo De La Noche” and “Vamos A La Discoteca”.

This Dance Album including the talented Marisa, Shelby Diaz, Patrick Samoy, Losso, Miguel Fernandez, Morena and DJ Lorenzo.

For the moment their “Best Of” Album is available and the “Greatest Hits” Album is not released yet on Amazon.

Listen 2 Paradisio – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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20 Years – Greatest Hits 08/12/2016

Best Of 2012

New Album : Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music – BZN

Jan Veerman was the first singer of BZN and the whole rockperiode is having a revival. BZN’66 will celebrate their 50th Anniversary October 1st in PX Volendam and makes a New version of their “Waiting For You”.Check the Playlist to see the Videoclip.

More info of “BZN66 50th Anniversary Still Rock On”
All the A & B Sides of their Rocksingles and more during 1966-1975 are on the New 2CD Boxset “Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music.

Listen 2 BZN – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Ps.: Album Of The Week 11 euro @ MediaMarkt / Fame Amsterdam!

New Single : For Me – Chloe Rose

To celebrate 30 years of the NSPCC, the children’s charity have teamed up with Barclays Bank to develop a brand new app designed to provide 24 hour help and assistance to all young people who need it. This is a far cry from the original concept back in the 1980’s when the helpline was a number you could only dial from a telephone box!

Chloe-Rose’s debut single ‘For Me’ was written and released to contribute and promote this app and all proceeds will go straight to the Wayne Rooney Foundation.

We have always been astounded at the support fans of MPG artists have given to us and this time we’re asking you to not only download an incredible new record, but support a great cause at the same time.

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New Single : In The Heat Of The Night / New Album : The Very Best Of Sandra – Sandra

Let’s celebrate 30 years Sandra in music. Check the trailer for “The Very Best Of Sandra”.

Featuring The Single “In The Heat Of The Night” which has been remixed by Masqraider.

Listen 2 Sandra – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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In the Heat of the Night (Tropical Future Remix By masQraider) – Single 05/27/2016

The Very Best of Sandra (2CD+DVD) – European Release

The Very Best Of Sandra (Deluxe) (3CD)

The Very Best Of Sandra (2CD)

The Very Best Of Sandra (MP3) 05/27/2016

Breaking News : New Line-up / Album / Film – Spice Girls

Melanie Brown “And I say oohhhh LALA” according to the comeback of the Spice Girls. 20 years ago they took the world by storm with “Wanna Be” and the final line-up for the Comeback are Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown and Geri Halliwell.

Now it’s time to wait for the Amazing New Album made in North London at the Play Deep Studios and set to WANNA BE release at the end of the year

Twitter - Melanie Brown (12-05-2016)

July 2016 it is THE MONTH that “Wanna Be” recorded 20 years ago. Will that also be the time for the Comeback Single? One thing is for sure “20 Years Of Spice”, a documentary film By Alex Mark Lodge will release July 8th.

Listen 2 Spice Girls – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Greatest Hits 11/09/2007

Gift Package CD/DVD/Bracelet

Greatest Hits – Victoria’s Secret Edition (CD)

Greatest Hits – CD/DVD

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