New Album : Besides – Eurotix

Eurotix goes “Supernatural” with their 12 inch of that Army Of Lovers-song and 16 other Synthpop tracks on the New Album “Besides”.

Listen 2 Eurotix – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Besides 07/04/2016

BREAKING NEWS : 30 Years Anniversary Army Of Lovers

The most MAGICAL band in history Army Of Lovers are the subject of a documentary about their 30 years anniversary.

Asaf Galay and Naama Pyritz are looking for archival material, footage, homevideos, photos and other interesting stuff.

Contact them at if you can help them out about Alexander Bard, Jean-Pierre Barda, Camilla Henemark, Michaela De La Cour and Dominika Peczynski!

Listen 2 Army Of Lovers – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Big Battle of Egos – Army of Lovers (CD)


Hurrah Hurrah Apocalypse – Army Of Lovers (DVD)

BREAKING NEWS : Michaela De La Cour For Car-E Entertainment (Cancer Awareness)

September 30th, I became 40 years old and Michaela De La Cour from MY “Army of Lovers” asked me if she can paint something and make money for a Charity cause as a gift.

I was busy on my way, but after a day I choose my friend Carla Nascimento (She is 10 days older than me). She survived Breast Cancer and works very hard on her CAR-E Entertainment Company, that fights for Cancer in different ways, like for instance her first great Cancer-show (“CAR-E Entertainment 4 Cabo-Verde”) that was shocking brilliant ( )!

Michaela de la Cour has released a New Single some weeks ago called “Happy Birthday”

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Besides her Music Releases,Michaela is very creative as a Jewel Designer and as a Painter. After talking about Carla she create this painting “Dancing Queen In The Sun” last month inspired by Carla.

Facebook - Michaela De La Cour (19-10-2015)

Yesterday the Auction has begun on Tradera (Swedish Ebay) and the money will go straight to CAR-E, so take a look and bid!

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Album: The Secret – Eurotix (Review)

Swedish synthduo Eurotix has finally released their debut album “The Secret” contains 12 tracks and let you dream back to the eighties for 47 minutes including the singles “I Plead Insanity” & “Life As It Slips Away”.

All tracks are worthwhile to listen and makes you think about OMD for some reason. I love the catchy “Let’s Die Young”. The worst track is “I’m Ready For My Close-Up”, but even the “worst” is well done. Best track is “After Before, Before After”. The title sounds as amazing as the song is. Such an incredible ballad! Army Of Lovers & BWO fans should listen to “Decadence”, you hear “the influence” of Alexander Bard his magic mind.

You can scroll to below to choose your favorite song!


The Secret – May 10th, 2014

LIFE AS IT SLIPS March 20, 2014

Life As It Slips Away / Clubland / When You Go / We Could Have Been

I PLEAD INSANITY November 10, 2013.

I Plead Insanity / I Plead Insanity (Blue Ocean Dream Remix) / Supernatural (12″ Version) / Replay

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