New Single : The Best In Me – Tom Leeb

Last weeks all eyes where on singing actor Tom Leeb, not because his singing skills, but his looks, that is “male topmodel” quality. Now the attention gets back to music. Discover the beautiful song of Tom Leeb, which represent France at Eurovision Songcontest 2020. This is “The Best In Me”.



New Album : Heaven – The Avener

The Avener released his New Album in “Heaven” today with some “Beautiful” songs for “Under The Waterfall”.

The Avener works together with Spelles, Bipolar Sunshine, M.I.L.K, Terry Callier, Manu Lanvin, Bob Dylan, Ayo, Josef Salvat, Tiwayo, Them There, Sedric Perry, Ida Sax & Arrow Benjamin.



Spotify : New Music Friday (Canada)

These are the highlights of this week’s New Music Friday in Canada.

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Peculiar Paradise – Lonely Benson


State Of Mind – Satchmode

Who Do You Think Of? EP – M.O


Something More – RALPH


Gravel To Tempo – Hayley Kiyoko

My Number – Paper Lions

Beautiful – London Future & Cherise Ransome

New Money – Leagues

(From “Alone Together” 09/09/2016)

August 2016 Spotify Single Playlist

August 2016 YouTube Single Playlist

New Single : Beautiful / Stand In The Light / Angel / New Album : Something Beautiful – Jordan Smith

“Something Beautiful” is the New Album by Jordan Smith, which is famous as The Voice 2016 winner and is the 2nd one this year, featuring the New Single “Stand In The Light”.

The Single “Angel”, which is originally done by Sarah McLachlan.

Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” is covered in a “Beautiful” way as well.

Listen 2 Jordan Smith – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Complete Season 9 Collection – Album 01/15/2016

Something Beautiful – Album 03/18/2016

BREAKING NEWS: Duckface Plastic Surgery Drama – Anastacia

There are so many weirdo’s in Showbusiness, so you can wait for lots of Plastic Surgery drama’s. But what if you are the girl next door with an overdose of success?

Europe went insane by a gossip picture of the “New Look” of Anastacia. Duckface got a new dimension and Donald Duck would be in love with Anastacia after her Botox treatment by a Plastic Surgeon.

One day after the shocking news. Anastacia took over herself:

Hope Donald Duck will cope with the tragedy that Anastacia is still one of the most beautiful girl nextdoors, who is touring with her Resurrection Tour right now, even BILD magazine, wish that she was the new Katrine Duck.

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Resurrection – CD

Resurrection (Bonus Tracks Version) – MP3

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New (Deluxe) Album: Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse (Review)

After her “Beautiful” Single with Miguel.

And telling “You’re Mine (Eternal)”

Mariah Carey released her new Album “Me. I am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse” with “Supernatural” as the highlight. Her kids sang like an angel and the voice special effects are heavenly. The second part of the Album is much better than the first part including “One More Try”, yes THE famous George Michael song. Amy Winehouse dedication is by the way well done (“Meteorite”).Recommended as a next Single!

She worked with NAS (“Dedicated”), Wale (“You Don’t Know What To Do”) , Fabolous (“Money $ * / …”) and like she said “Mary J. Blige” is for the Deluxe (“it’s A Wrap”). Also on the Deluxe her duet with R. Kelly (“Betcha Gon’ Know”).

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Deluxe Explicit CD 05/27/2014

Deluxe Explicit MP3 05/23/2014

Deluxe Clean MP3 05/23/2014

Regular Explicit MP3 05/23/2014

Regular Clean MP3 05/23/2014

Review New Album: Kiss Me Once (Special Edition) – Kylie Minogue

The word is out: Kylie’s incredible once again!

Before I heard the album I noticed a huge surprise. Blonde Alisha’s Attic-singer Karen Poole is back in singing again and made a duet with Kylie.That is so “Fine”!


At the Japenese edition, Karen Poole worked together with Kylie. She co-wrote “Sparks”,which is also the b-side of the single “Into The Blue”.

In the period Kylie create this album, her single “Skirt” failed to make it at the final cut May 2013, she decided to make a “different”album, that she first had in mind. Her singles “Into The Blue” and “Beautiful” with Enrique Iglesias are simply the best and “Mr. President” has such a catchy clubbing vibe that this is just another great moment.

The record is made in Los Angeles and even on this album Pharrell Williams is involved. She had 2 days to make 2 songs and she was having the worst day, because everything was too much for her. She was burning into tears as the first day went wrong and the second day she needs to keep herself together to make something out of it instead she was going to cancel this appointment and create “I Was Gonna Cancel”

The last track “Sleeping With The Enemy” is very electronic, but if you put the electronic sound off it could be such a pure and beautiful ballad. With those beats is it still amazing after all!

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