New Album : Black Diamond – Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson won’t give up touring. She cancelled her European “All For You Tour”, “Rock Witchu Tour” and “Unbreakable World Tour” tour, but announched her tenth tour “Black Diamond Worldtour” to visualise New Music and a special Rhythm Nation performance, this time for her 12th Album “Black Diamond”. June 24, 2020 Miami got the premiere (LiveNation), so it won’t be long to hear the latest tunes in the new Merchandise ( ).

Black Diamond, World Tour Tshirt 2020

Jimmy Fallon got Janet in his show tonight. So for more details check this.



Best Of – Album

New Album : The Greatest Hits Collection – Bananarama

It seems to be that the plan to release a New Single is skipped, but Bananarama release something anyway. On November 25th they will re-release their “Greatest Hits Collection” with all their Singles from 1981 – 1988 like “Cruel Summer” and “Venus” with a Bonus Disc with their favorite 12″ mixes.

To get in the mood of their Original Line Up Tour, you can enjoy their Greatest Hits through Spotify.


The Greatest Hits Collection – Album 06/06/1989

The Greatest Hits Collection (Re-Issue) – Album 04/14/2017

New Album : Best Of – 50 Cent

18 “Best Of” Singles by 50 Cent on his New Album featuring “21 Questions” with Nate Dogg, “Candy Shop” & “Best Friend” with Olivia, “Outta Control” with Mobb Deep, “Ayo Technology” with Justin Timberlake & Timbaland, “I’ll Still Kill” with Akon and “How To Rob” with The Madd Rapper.

My Best of 50 Cent.

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BREAKING NEWS : Tommy Page (46) RIP

Nineties popstar Tommy Page commits suicide this friday, just a few days after Amsterdam gets a store with his name.

He becomes famous with his Single “I’ll Be Your Everything” (co-wrote the track with NKOTB-stars Jordan Knight and Danny Wood), which become number 1 in 1990. After his Smash Hit, he becamse a Record Company executve, Billboard Magazine publisher, vice president at Pandora and an executive at The Village Voice.

Wonderchild Page was an executive at Warner Bros. Records, where he support Michael Buble, Alanis Morissette, Josh Groban and Green Day with their career.

In 2015 he gets back to the music with “I Break Down”.

In the official statement, the Voice said: “Our thoughts are with his partner, their three children, and the rest of his family and close circle of friends. Tommy will be missed.”

NKOTB, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany and Martika wrote a beautiful Tweet in loving memory of their friend. Tiffany was the lucky one which sang a duet together with Tommy on a Promotional Single “Close Our Eyes” in 1995.

(read: @NKOTB, @DebbieGibson, @TiffanyTunes,@MartikaTunes)

Remember Tommy, and listen to his beautiful heritage at “My Best Of Tommy Page”.

Tommy Page R.I.P.

My Best Of Tommy Page.

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(original version of “I Break Down” and the hit “I’ll Be Your Everything” on the Album “Paintings In My Mind”)

Paintings In My Mind

New Album : 20 Years Greatest Hits – Paradisio

Paradiso makes our summer getting hotter for 20 years, so time for a “Greatest Hits” Album featuring “Vamos A La Playa”, “Bailando”, “Ritmo De La Noche” and “Vamos A La Discoteca”.

This Dance Album including the talented Marisa, Shelby Diaz, Patrick Samoy, Losso, Miguel Fernandez, Morena and DJ Lorenzo.

For the moment their “Best Of” Album is available and the “Greatest Hits” Album is not released yet on Amazon.

Listen 2 Paradisio – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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20 Years – Greatest Hits 08/12/2016

Best Of 2012

New Single / Album : Get You Home – Nick Fradiani

American Idol 2015 winner Nick Fradiani is ready to take the world by storm with his New Single “Get You Home’, will be out March 11th, 2016 and will be featured together with the Single “Beautiful Life” on an upcoming EP.

Listen 2 Nick Fradiani – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Get You Home – Single 03/11/2016

American Idol Season 14: Best Of Nick Fradiani EP 08/28/2015

BREAKING NEWS : Jim Diamond ( Ph.D. ) (64) RIP

According to “The Diamond Family” of Ph.D.-front figure Jim Diamond, he passed away in his sleep last Thursday October 8th, 2015.

His beloved ones send a message to all of you “Put on your favourite song today and have a think about him, as as well as being an incredible singer, he was an incredible man and we feel so lucky to have had him in our lives”

Jim Diamond was The Voice of my Ultimate Magic Music Song in History “I Won’t Let You Down”

The Legendary “I Won’t Let You Down”, has been covered several times, like in 1992 by 2 Boys (Eurodance-act).

Jim released 17 Solo Singles, the last on was in 2011 “Morning Glory” from his last 11th Album “City Of Soul”

Official Website :

Jim Diamond 28 September 1953 – 08 October 2015, Glasgow R.I.P.

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City Of Soul – Album 2011

Blue Shoes – Album 05/30/2005

Souled and Healed – Album 03/14/2005

When You Turn – EP 01/17/2005

Best of Jim Diamond 1999

Sugarolly Days – Album 1994

Jim Diamond – Album 1993

Jim Diamond – Vinyl – Album 1988

Double Crossed – Album 1985

Three – MP3 – Album 2009

Three – CD – Album 2009

Is It Safe? – Ph.D. – CD – Album 1983

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