New Album : Live In Concert – THE MAESTRO & The European Poporchestra (Guido’s Orchestra)

“THE MAESTRO & The European Poporchestra” is the new name of “Guido’s Orchestra” to give the name the international touch, the dutch orchestra deserved.

Guido Dieteren and his orchestra makes the music for the recent international The Maestro Burger campagne for McDonald’s.

November 3rd the New Album “Live In Concert” will be out featuring some highlights of “Live in Kerkrade concert (Guido’s Orchestra 2016)” and the Album will contains the wonderful voice of Wendy Kokkelkoren and Roy Verbeek.

Check the website for more information:

Enjoy some highlights at this playlist:


Live In Kerkrade – Album 10/28/2016

New Album : From The Heart – MIRUSIA

Mirusia gained worldwide fame as the star soprano with Andre Rieu. March 3rd 2017 will see the release of her new studio album, entitled ‘From The Heart’.

The album contains a variety of styles ranging from ‘Geef Mij Je Angst’ (Andre Hazes, also available on the 2013 Live album ‘Beautiful That Way’) to Verdi’s ‘La Vergine Degli Angeli’. It also includes a cover of the world famous song ‘Memory’, which she dedicated to her grandmother, whilst ‘Als Jij Niet Van Mij Houdt’ (Boudewijn de Groot) is a tribute to Ruud Merx, trombonist with Andre Rieu, who past away 2 months ago during the last tour.

For more information:

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From The Heart – Album 03/03/2017

Andre Rieu Presents: Mirusia-Always & Forever DVD

Beautiful That Way 12/11/2013

New Album : Solipsism – Joep Beving

Joep Beving is the Dutch Surprise when it becomes to an incredible Piano-music with his wonderful first Album “Solipsism” (the inspiration of Classical legends like Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin are well done on the sleeve). Enjoy for instance his song “The Light She Brings”

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Solopsism – Album 03/01/2015

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