Breaking News : Comeback Boyzone

Boyzone celebrate their 25th anniversary next year. Ronan, Keith, Mikey & Shane are coming back with new music and new concerts, but to get in the right mood they will do some exclusive UK shows later this summer! Enjoy their latest Single “Love Will Save The Day” from their 20th anniversary Album “BZ20”.

So after their latest Album “Dublin To Detroit”, there is still more to come!

My Best Of Boyzone.


BZ20 11/22/2013

BREAKINGS NEWS : Un”BREAK”able Tour – Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson did not have cancer, so fans were happy that Miss Janet continue touring around the globe with her “Unbreakable Tour”, but unfortunately Janet cancelled after “All For You” and “Damita Jo”, her third European tour won’t happen. It is possible Janet will do the concerts at a later moment, but in case you did not dare to wait another time, you can get your money back from Ticketmaster.

Official sources explains that Janet suffers voice problems, but also there are logical problems???

Listen 2 Janet Jackson – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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