New Album: One For The People – Angelique Sabrina

It’s December, so… Time for a Dancehall Summerbeat!

The Face of Cable Bahamas Angelique Sabrina released today her second Album “One Of The People with a Remix of her Single “Pull Up” featuring Tifa and her amazing Single with Shontelle “Stop Sign” ,her recent R&B Ballad Single “Right Now” and her upcoming one “Fireblaze.

This upcoming star is a mixture between Dancehall, Pop & Rhythm And Blues.

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New Single: Minim Doi – Alex Velea

Alex Velea got a new summerfeeling single “Minim Doi” and yes we need that summerfeeling so much!

For most of us this is brandnew, but honesty this is just a re-release from 2012! Great discovery anyway and it is it all worth to give it a second change!

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BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single: Standing In Love / Girls In Every Angle / Rainy Day / One And Only – Beenie Man

Beenie Man released four singles Re-releases “Standing In Love”, “Girls In Every Angle” (remix) , “Rainy Day”(Remastered) and new single “One And Only”. Tell me what you think about the latest one in the poll!

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Standing In Love 09/04/2014

Girls In Every Angle 09/05/2014

Rainy Day 09/23/2014

One And Only 09/23/2014

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