BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: Debut Single Bananarama’s Sara Dallin Daughter: Alice EP – Alice Dallin – Walker & Oscar Scheller

What a surprise … Sara Dallin her daughter Alice Dallin-Walker made her incredible debut with her Alice EP, including the tracks “Love No More” and “Moving On” (no it is not THE one of Bananarama). She does that together with Oscar Scheller

Both songs are remixed by Ian Masterson and makes you beg for “More,More,More” (but nothing beats a new tune of her mother ofcourse 😉 ).

Ps.: … and yes the rumours are true. I am the first follower of her Spotify-account ;-).

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Album: Engelbert Calling – Engelbert Humperdinck (Review)

Legendary Engelbert Humperdinck has made an incredible title for a duet album “Engelbert Calling”. He calls famous artists Elton John, Cliff Richards, Olivia Newton-John, Il Divo, Willy Nelson, Lulu, Gene Simmons (Kiss), Shelby Lynne, Wynonna Judd (The Judds), Kenny Rogers, Andrea Corr (The Corrs), Johnny Mathis,Tini, Neil Sedaka, Dionne Warwick, Charles Aznavour, Beverley Knight, Armando Manzanero, Luis Fonsi & Ron Sexsmith.

His daughter Louise Dorsey sang “Better” with her father and his song Bradley Dorsey sang in the final the incredible “Father And Son”.

WOW! Such a great bunch of classics, like “Something About The Way You Look Tonight” with Elton John, “Never,Never,Never” with Olivia Newton-John and Lulu sang on “I Need You Now”. The same as the song with Elton, I think this version of “She” is a tiny better than Charles Aznavour all by himself.

22 amazing duets, maybe just another duet-album with old stuff sounds boring, but this is refreshing and a musthave!

What is your favorite track? Comment on this story and tell me!



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