New Single : 25 Years – Benjamin Boyce

It’s Showtime! Former Caught In The Act-singer Benjamin Boyce is back with “25 Years”.

Meet & Greet the popstar at MediaMarkt / Saturn. Check the picture for the details.

Greatest Hits (Solo).

Greatest Hits (CITA).


New Album : ZeroK – 5TimesZero

5TimesZero,a fivepeace from Essen (Germany) with Attila Schuster, Carsten Rehmann, Hendrik Stefenhag, Jürgen Merkel and Mick Hanses are back with a New Album “ZeroK” (ØK). The Album contains one hour of Synthpoprock with 14 songs starts with the impressive variated “Unimportant” and the Single “Don’t Push Me”.

One of the highlights on the Album is “Naked” with great lyrics, where “They are going crazy as fuck”.

A nice surprise is the German track “Augen der Großstadt”. This language fits with the music and gave the Album an extra dimension.

The Album ends with “Paths”, a song that is more than 5 minutes, but no way to feel bored at all with a great melody.

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Magic Special : Support “Biggest Loser” Final Eurovision Songcontest Jamie-Lee Kriewitz

If you are just 18 years old and already made it to the final of Eurovision Songcontest, that is a huge prize anyway, but for Jamie-Lee from Germany it is a bitter pill to end at the last place. Sometimes it just happens that you are the “Biggest loser”.

Guess it is time to bring back the “Ghost” and support her song and watch her fantastic fairytale!

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Berlin – Album



Ghost (Remixes) – Single

Ghost (CDSinge)

Eurovision Songcontest 2016 (MP3)

Eurovision Songcontest 2016 (CD)

New Album : Restless – Elaiza

2014 Eurovision Songcontest-act Elaiza (Elzbieta Steinmetz, Yvonne Grünwald and Natalie Plöger) from Germany is “Restless” and express that after their “Hurricane” at their New Album.

Listen 2 Elaiza – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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BREAKING NEWS: Duckface Plastic Surgery Drama – Anastacia

There are so many weirdo’s in Showbusiness, so you can wait for lots of Plastic Surgery drama’s. But what if you are the girl next door with an overdose of success?

Europe went insane by a gossip picture of the “New Look” of Anastacia. Duckface got a new dimension and Donald Duck would be in love with Anastacia after her Botox treatment by a Plastic Surgeon.

One day after the shocking news. Anastacia took over herself:

Hope Donald Duck will cope with the tragedy that Anastacia is still one of the most beautiful girl nextdoors, who is touring with her Resurrection Tour right now, even BILD magazine, wish that she was the new Katrine Duck.

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Resurrection – CD

Resurrection (Bonus Tracks Version) – MP3

New Single: I Can’t Get No Sleep (Piano Version) / New Album: Dance Until We Die – Luca Hanni & Christopher S

After Luca Hänni gets famous because his participation of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. The Swiss singer has made some releases. This time for the Extended Versions of his latest full album together with Christopher S. The Original album included the singles “Good Time” and “I Can’t Get No Sleep”

Also now an Piano Version of “I Can’t Get No Sleep” is released.

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Dance Until We Die (Extended Versions) 10/10/2014

Dance Until We Die – Deluxe 04/25/2014

I Can’t Get No Sleep (Piano Version) – Single – Luca Hänni 09/04/2014

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