New Album : Jewel Box – Elton John

Check the trailer of Elton John’s Jewel Box and you will get excited what he got in store!

Preorder the amazing stuff and enjoy the music jewels of the iconical Elton John November 13th, 2020.


Jewel Box [4LP – Deep Cuts]

Jewel Box [8CD Super Deluxe Edition]

Jewel Box

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Jewel Box [2LP – And This Is Me]

Jewel Box [3LP – Rarities & B-Sides]

Magic Special : Johnny Depp’s band Hollywood Vampires

Johnny Depp is in the news about his wild (private) life with drugs and alcohol (which caused marriage trouble with his wife Amber Heard), but he is also just performing with his band Hollywood Vampires. Together with his fellows Alice Cooper & Joe Perry he is at Rock Am Rio tonight). Let’s take a look at his Music.

First of all a 3-track EP “Hollywood Vampires” released in 2015 featuring the songs “I Got A Line On You”, “Schools Out/Another Brick On The Wall” and “My Dead Drunk Friends”.

“Itchycoo Park”,”My Generation” was the Single that follows and the year 2015 ends with their latest Single “Whole Lotta Love”.

The band released one Album simply called “Hollywood Vampires”.

Listen 2 Hollywood Vampires – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Hollywood Vampires (Deluxe) 09/11/2015



BREAKING NEWS : Beastie Boys – Founder John Berry (52) RIP

In a hospice in Danvers, Massachusetts, founding Beastie Boys member has died after a long battle with frontotemporal dementia.

The band gets famous in the eighties when they fight for party.

May 4, 2012 at age 47 Beastie Boy Adam Yauch already died because of cancerous parotid gland and a lymph node.

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Solid Gold Hits [Explicit]

Licensed to Ill – Album 11/15/1986

Paul’s Boutique 07/25/1989

Check Your Head 04/21/1992

(Deluxe) 03/10/2009

Ill Communication 05/23/1994


Hello Nasty 07/14/1998


To the 5 Boroughs 06/15/2004

The Mix-Up 26/06/2007

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two 05/03/2011

BREAKING NEWS : Prince Rogers Nelson RIP

There were rumours about Prince health condition the last couple of days. He was rushed to the hospital after a plane crash and was in critical situation was the rumour, but some days later he was doing fine and was at home.

Today he died in his Paisley Park.

The story about the plane crash has changed a bit. The plane needs to go down after Prince did not felt well and needs to go to the Hospital in a rush. The reason was the flu.

Prince Rogers Nelson (57) R.I.P.

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Hit N Run Phase One – Prince (CD) 09/14/2015

Hit N Run Phase One – Prince (MP3)

Hit N Run Phase Two – Prince (CD) 04/29/2016

Hit N Run Phase Two – Prince (MP3)

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Magic Special : Madonna Vogue Dancer Kevin Stea AKA That Rogue Romeo

Because of the “Strike A Pose” film about the Madonna dancers during her Blonde Ambition tour, all eyes are on the seven boys. Did you know one of them making music as well?

Kevin Stea released several things as “That Rogue Romeo”. Take a view of his Official Videoclips.


City Of Glass:


Last Dance:



More information Strike A Pose Film:

More information That Rogue Romeo:

Listen 2 That Rogue Romeo – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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HitMan – Single 10/16/2010

Last Dance – Single 03/07/2012

Man U Loved – Single 04/16/2012

Machine & Magic – Album 04/19/2012



Joy – Single 04/19/2012

This Beat – Single 04/19/2012

Machine & Magic – Single 04/20/2012

Right Where We Belong – Single 05/23/2012

Perfect – Single 09/04/2013

Rebuild 19 – Single 07/10/2013

Stutter – Single 10/21/2013

Domino (EP Plus Perfect) 04/07/2014

MAGIC EVENTS : Paradiso – En Vogue / New Single : Take Me There – Rhona Bennett

Day before yesterday and yesterday R&B trio En Vogue gave two concerts in Holland after a long silence. Around the nineties foursome is a lot of negative vibes circulating by the bandmembers themselves ends up that Dawn Robinson and Maxine Jones stands at one side and Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron at the other side. Last piece contains the music together with Rhona Bennett, which continue her solo-works after a long while with her New Single “Take Me There”

Back to the legendary Funky Diva’s. In Utrecht the concert did not sold out, but in Amsterdam the tickets were sold by storm.

Around 8.45 PM the beautiful black women came on stage and sang Smash Hit “My Lovin'” and others.

When the lights go out, En Vogue sang “Don’t Let Go” and recognise some fans in the audience. They announced their Comeback Album and Paradiso go wild, so Miss Herron taking her phone and record the moment. Afterwards they sang their classic “Give Him Something” and starts interactive again with some talking with the audience and asked some lucky ones to join them on stage and gave them a “piece of love” with dancing, singing or something else combined with a snippet of the track ” Piece Of My Love” Original plan was some guys only, but a girl called herself “5th member of En Vogue” and make the crowd laughing with that statement.

En Vogue did not do only their own songs. They did some Whitney Houston and Tina Turner music and ends the show with “Don’Go” and ofcourse their breakthrough “Hold On” and “Free Your Mind” as the final.

Rhona did a very good job to fill in the shoes of two Funky Diva’s in a show that was very basic.

Listen 2 En Vogue – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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The Very Best Of En Vogue (Digital)

Take Me There – Single 02/19/2016


Todau was the day. The Comeback of… ABBA in Tyrol, Stockholm, Sweden!

Eight years after their last attending as a foursome, Benny Andersson, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Agnetha Fältskog and Björn Ulvaeus were back again, not to sing, but Bjorn has asked his fellows to join his Greek Taverna, inspirated by his Musical and Movie Mamma Mia!

The Show in Stockholm is a Musical with spoken words in Swedish and with English ABBA-songs and you can find at the Entertainment Park Grona Lund, a block away of ABBA Museum.

Listen 2 ABBA – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Abba Gold 40th Anniversary


Gold : Greatest Hits (3CD 40th Anniversary Edition)


BREAKING NEWS : Colin Vearncombe (Black) in Coma

It’s not such a “Wonderful Life” for Liverpool-bases Colin Vearncombe at the moment. Last week (January 14th) he suffers head injuries and went in coma after a car accident in Ireland. The situation is critical.

In case you think he ends his Music Career shortly after his Smash Hit in 1987, it is not. In 2005 he continue with the Album “Between Two Churches” and he is still in the Music Business and released November 16th “Live 2015”, after he released “Blind Faith” earlier that year featuring the beautiful “Ashes Of Angels”.

Listen 2 Black – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Wonderful Life (2CD) 04/09/2013

Wonderful Life (CD) 07/30/1991

Wonderful Life (LP)

Between Two Churches (CD)

Between Two Churches (MP3) 05/07/2005

Water Of Stone (CD) 2009

Water Of Stone (MP3)

Any Colour You Like (LP)

Any Colour Your Like (CD)

Any Colour You Like (MP3) 09/05/2011

Blind Faith (CD)

Blind Faith (MP3) 04/12/2015

Live 2015 10/16/2015

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