Magic Special : Ira Losco Walk On Water At Eurovision Songcontest 2016

At first semi-final of Eurovision Songcontest 2016 pregnant Ira Losco steals almost the show, but Russia can’t be beaten her “Walk On Water”.

Sergey Lazarev and Ira has something incommon when it becomes to their past. Her first Single is called “7th Wonder”, which she participate in Eurovision with in 2002 and Sergey released a Single called “7 Wonders”.

Listen 2 Ira Losco – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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7th Wonder – Single 05/23/2005


Don’t look Down 2008

What’s The Matter With You 2009

Uh-Oh 2011

Idle Motion (Toby Remix) [feat. Ira Losco] 05/01/2012

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What I’d Give – EP (featuring Get Out) 08/05/2012

Get Out (1 track, CD-R, no inlays) [Single-CD]

Get out (1 track, CD-R, no inlays) [Single-CD]

Love Me Or Hate Me – Album (ft. Accident Prone) 10/15/2012

The Fire – Album (ft. The Person I Am, Me Luv U Long Time, The Way It’s Meant To Be, Shouldn’t Have To Bother, Dead Or Alive) 03/20/2013


The World Is Ours – David Correy & Ira Losco (Coca-Cola) 2014

Haunted By Love – Single 2015

(Bside “Walk On Water”)

Walk On Water – Single 08/04/2016


Skeleton Key (feat. Ira Losco, Sixth Simfoni & Spine Splitter)
Chapter Zero

Lonely in the Dark (feat. IRA Losco)
Red Electrick

American Idol Participant Michael Johns Passed Away (35)

Singer Michael Johns, who finished at the eight position on American Idol 2008, passed away this Friday because of a probable blood clot in his ankle.

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His Debut Single was “Another Christmas”

The follow-up was “Heart On My Sleeve”

The Single was available on his Debut Album “Hold Back My Heart”


In 2009 he released an Original Soundtrack for the film “Shaun White: Don’t Look Down” as Michael Johns & The Ontic.



After a silence period, he returned back to the music in 2012 with his EP “Love and Sex” with 3 amazing tracks

Last February he ends unfortunatelly his career with his latest Single “Day Breaks Sun”

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