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Honesty I am too busy at the moment for going to Magic Events, but Moke is something special. When I attend a Concert of them some years ago I had this in my head “Much better than Oasis, they deserve to conquer the world”. So while my youth-idols Mariska van Kolck and Jason Donovan were performing in the neighbourhood, Moke gave a releaseparty and I was there!

Two hours before the show I take a seat at Paradiso, Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. Wonderful place and so classy… for a couple of minutes, because I get some company. For 1,5 hours I get entertainment by a Rich man, who was very happy with his luxury job that he told every success to a woman who is 25 years younger and more. While he was talking about how to make money out of things, he seems to get horny and I can’t imagine that there is a woman who fell in love that way, but she does not care. She just say nothing and just watch (like I did 😉 ) .

The last 15 minutes I was not alone as well, because another lovecouple came and thought it was the right place for some french kissing and hugging ;-).

Let’s get to the place to be and be aware of dirty minded people. “Eeuh Am I really at the right place?” Just a few minutes before the Show starts it was 20% full. This band deserve better, but really the last moment it was a fullhouse with public who likes beer (and behave, yes that is a new Rage… getting drunk is so 2014).

Due to the tragedy in Paris, we start the show with one minute silence and than the best Rockband of Holland introduce us the first three songs of “The Time Has Come” called “Dreams”, the latest Single “The Time Has Come” and “All That I Wanted”.

It seems to be that it is really a short promotion of the Album, but it was NOT! Their incredible old Single “This Plan” and “Scratch Marks” was one of the surprises.

Back to the New Album,”Hide In The Daylight and the amazing “Stand My Ground”, that really moved the audience to another level follows.

Six years ago the band released the Single “Last Chance” and so good to hear that track again.

“The Ballad Of A Lost Soul” and “Slip Away” followed and even these are new songs, it really sounds like one of their Greatest Hits.

Why Winter? “Here Comes The Summer”

In case you think Singer Felix Maginn is The Voice, all the other bandmembers prove several times, that their Backing Vocals are the right combination with Felix, especially during their Single “Let It Burn”

Unfortunately the Show ends with the last two tracks of the Ten Track Album “Silence” and “In Spite Of It All”

What is a show without a final? So the guys get back on stage for three more songs “LADS”, “Burning The Ground” (that makes the crowd goes in trance) and the best provement that they are a truly huge Rockband “Long Way”

1,5 hour of music, what a great gift for their fans from Felix Maginn, Eddy Steeneken, Rob Klerkx, Marcin Felis, Robin Berlijn and on some songs Teus Novel with his Trumpet and Bugle. Funny detail is that some popstars are changing clothes a lot and Felix changing his guitar a lot. Why? I got no idea as everything sounds like it is not Live at all, but just a Greatest Hits CD playing.

Ten years Moke, check them out if you can!

What is a Releaseparty without an Afterparty? All the guys were really perfect. Without any help of Security they gave all their time to everyone who wants to talk with them or Sign their Album, they sold for 17 euro and no one would be unseen, if the bandmembers keeps their eyes wide open each of them!

Listen 2 Moke – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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