New Single / New Album : Cast In Steel – A-ha

A-ha released the follow-up of the incredible “Under The Makeup”, “Cast In Steel”, the title track of the upcoming new Album.

To get in the right mood of the Album, take a listen to a preview

Listen to all the Singles by A-Ha at the Spotify Discography Playlist.

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Cast Of Steel 09/11/2015


CD (Deluxe)


Cast in Steel – European Deluxe Edition

Cast in Steel (Fanbox) – European Edition

Cast in Steel (LP Vinyl) – European Edition

New EP Single: Ghost Town Remixes / New Album: The Original High – Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert is not only the new face of Freddie Mercury in Queen, he is still also an incredible Solo-artist. You can preorder his new Album “The Original High” right now!

Featuring the Singles “Ghost Town” (available as an EP), “Underground” , “Evil In The Night” and “Another Lonely Night”.

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The Original High – Deluxe 06/12/2015

The Original High – Deluxe – Europe Edition 06/12/2015

The Original High 06/12/2015

Ghost Town Remixes EP 06/05/2015

New Album: Beyonce (Platinum Edition Boxset) – Beyonce Knowles

Are you “Drunk In Love” for the “Flawless” album “Beyonce” by Beyonce Knowles last year? Her Album got an exclusive 2 CD/DVD Boxset edition out November 24th with 2 new songs (‘7/11’ and ‘Ring Off ), 10 live performances, 4 Remixes, 2015 Mini Calendar, 2 Photobooks, 17 Videoclips and 20 Songs! Pre-order right now!

BEYONCÉ (Explicit) – Beyoncé 12/13/2013

BEYONCÉ (Clean) – Beyoncé

Beyonce (Platinum Edition) (Clean)

Beyonce (Platinum Edition)

New Single: Remember (Part 2) / Point Of No Return – Keyshia Cole

Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away), “Rick James” and “She” were the first three single of Keyshia Cole’s new album “Point Of No Return”, now her next single is out “Remember (Part 2)”.

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Point of No Return – Keyshia Cole



Point of No Return (Deluxe Version) – Keyshia Cole

Point Of No Return Deluxe Edition CD+2 BONUS 2014 TARGET EXCLUSIVE


BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single: Take It All Off – Man Meadow

Niklas Vestberg & Fredrik Olofsson has did it once again. Here is just another amazing Dance Track “Take It All Off”.

The Single including 4 SoundFactory Mixes, an Alternative Version and ofcourse the Regular one.

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Take It Off – Man Meadow 02/06/14

Take It Off – The Pride Edition (Take It All Off) [feat. SoundFactory] – Man Meadow 14/07/14

4 versions of Take It Off plus mixes of How Does It Feel? , Overflow & Kill The Dancefloor

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single: Shades Of Cool / New (Deluxe) Album: Ultraviolence – Lana Del Rey PREORDER NOW

A few weeks ago Lana Del Rey released her Single “West Coast”.

Now her Next Single is out “Shades Of Cool”.

Now you can preorder her upcoming album Ultraviolence below, will release next week!

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Ultraviolence 06/13/2014






Shades Of Cool – MP3 Single 05/26/2014

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