New Single : Rocket – En Vogue

It’s Monday, the day that En Vogue finally got a new official videoclip. The natural beauties got some extra magic touch with the help of Michael Mann, Alexander Armand and Mila Thomas. The video is a perfect promotion for their “Rocket” Single.

Greatest Hits


Rocket – Single 12/01/2017

New Album : Electric Cafe – En Vogue

After their Single “A Thousand Times”, En Vogue is back with their “For The Love Of Music”-tour and the New Album “Electric Cafe”.

My Best Of En Vogue

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A Thousand Times – Single 11/23/2016

Spotify : New Music Friday (Philippines / Malaysia)

Hurrah, It’s New Music Friday again in the Philippines with the highlights of the New Releases of this week. Due to an identical playlist, this is also the Malaysian highlights.

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A’wesome EP – Hyuna


Say Something Even Thought It Is A Lie (W OST Part 2)- Park Boram


Put’Em Up EP – B.A.P.


(아이오아이 Whatta Man – I.O.I

제이민 Ready For Your Love – J-Min


Starry Night – Onew & Lee Jin-Ah

Kiss The Sky – Jason Derulo

(From “Platinum Hits”)

City Park – Jay Park & Kirin

Amy(Gdala) EP – HubbaBubbas

YouTube – August – Playlist

Spotify – August – Spotify – Playlist

New Single : Deja Vu – En Vogue

The rumours are true… En Vogue is back with New Music. This is a “Deja Vu” of their Magic.

The first song with Rhona Bennett.

Listen 2 En Vogue – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Deja Vu – Single 04/04/2016

BREAKING NEWS: Dutch Singer Emiel Collaborate With American Topartists

Emiel Pijnaker participate in the Eurovision Songcontest circus with “For You And Me” with his band Yellow Pearl. They dropped from the National competition and did not make it to the full exposure they deserved.

In the meanwhile Emiel became a film producer, composer and is still a very unique singer. After the Surprise Valentine Single of Yellow Pearl 3 months ago with “Slowing It Down”…

…he is ready now to show his first solo-work in an impressive American Dreamy way to prove he is an smashing Alternative singer with a New Single coming up featuring Artwork by JaSon from New York. For his New Album he collaborate with Michael Jackson bassplayer Alex Al and En Vogue Drummer Pete Meriweather. All is made possible by the USA Music Label KALLIOPE MUSIC.

Discover Emiel!

For more information: /

Watch Yellow Pearl Videoclips:

Listen 2 Yellow Pearl – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Slowing It Down – Single 02/14/2016

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