BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single: Rainmaker – Emmelie de Forest (Review)

Do you remember the day 18th of May 2013? I guess Emmelie de Forest will Always remember. It was her day, that her debutsong won the Eurovision Songcontest. Ut become a Top 5 hit in Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, Germany and Ireland.

Then she released her album “Only Teardrops” and a second single “Hunter & Prey”, that scored only in Homeland Denmark, where it hits the number One spot once again.

As expected, the current winner of Eurovision has represent her new single “Rainmaker”. It sounds very powerful and catchy. The right song to let Europe here she is still able to entertain with african influences as again,but not a cheap rip off anyway. I bet this will beiher third number one in Danmark.

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