BREAKING NEWS : No Cancer / The Unbreakable Tour – Janet Jackson

Yesterday Janet Jackson felt the need against her will to tell something about her recent Health rumours “The rumours are not true. I do not have cancer. I am recovering” and she post a snippit of her song “The Great Forever” that fits the story.

The doctors gave her permission to do the European part of her Worldtour and afterwards the cancelled concerts will be given. She thanks everyone for their love.

Listen 2 Janet Jackson – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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BREAKING NEWS : The Unbreakable Tour – Janet Jackson

After Take That beating Janet Jackson with their great concert last week in Ziggodome, will it be Janet Jackson once again who made an even better concert next May in Ziggodome?

Next Friday tickets are for sale at this Mojo-event.

Read more of her tour (Amsterdam is not included yet)

Tickets are 55 euro (or more) on sale tomorrow morning at 10 AM

Janet jackson surprised her fans last night due to a so-called MyMusicVIP -arrangement. If you purchased the CD you see a wide range of Janet memorabilia including costumes, awards and photo’s from Janet’s illustrious career.

Janet surprises fans at MyMusicVIP at show

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New Single / New Album : Cast In Steel – A-ha

A-ha released the follow-up of the incredible “Under The Makeup”, “Cast In Steel”, the title track of the upcoming new Album.

To get in the right mood of the Album, take a listen to a preview

Listen to all the Singles by A-Ha at the Spotify Discography Playlist.

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Cast Of Steel 09/11/2015


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Cast in Steel – European Deluxe Edition

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New EP Single: Ghost Town Remixes / New Album: The Original High – Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert is not only the new face of Freddie Mercury in Queen, he is still also an incredible Solo-artist. You can preorder his new Album “The Original High” right now!

Featuring the Singles “Ghost Town” (available as an EP), “Underground” , “Evil In The Night” and “Another Lonely Night”.

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The Original High – Deluxe 06/12/2015

The Original High – Deluxe – Europe Edition 06/12/2015

The Original High 06/12/2015

Ghost Town Remixes EP 06/05/2015

BREAKING NEWS: Duckface Plastic Surgery Drama – Anastacia

There are so many weirdo’s in Showbusiness, so you can wait for lots of Plastic Surgery drama’s. But what if you are the girl next door with an overdose of success?

Europe went insane by a gossip picture of the “New Look” of Anastacia. Duckface got a new dimension and Donald Duck would be in love with Anastacia after her Botox treatment by a Plastic Surgeon.

One day after the shocking news. Anastacia took over herself:

Hope Donald Duck will cope with the tragedy that Anastacia is still one of the most beautiful girl nextdoors, who is touring with her Resurrection Tour right now, even BILD magazine, wish that she was the new Katrine Duck.

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