New Single : Blissed / New EP : This Place Is Killing Me – The Venus In Scorpio

The Venus In Scorpio is very popular @ Instagram with 32.7k followers. With his New Single “Blissed” he will be even more popular.

Next month he will also released his New EP “This Place Is Killing Me”, he have already started a crowdfundingcampaign through Kickstarter.

Check the latest tune @ the Spotify playlist.



Blissed – Single August 18, 2020

This Place Is Killing Me – EP September 11, 2020

New Single: Sleep for England (X-Mas Version) – Julian Lennon & Stephen Emmer

The Beatles-kid Julian Lennon made a Christmas track together with the ex-lover of Lingerie-designer Marlies Dekkers, Stephen Emmer “Sleep For England”.

The song is recorded at Studio2 of the legendary Abbey Road studio’s.

Stephen wished the money will be donated to Lennon his White Feather Foundation to give the poorest clean water for drinking.

BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Image)


(I ask Ostin Torre for a Magic Music Moments with… before I had the final concept in mind)

01) I know your music through MySpace as you know and It has been awhile that you make music. “Shine” is for 4 years ago. Why did not you make anything new after wards? MySpace was a wonderful period of time, a great vehicle for musicians to find their audience. I was much more prolific then, my other creative outlet is photography, which took me further away from my music. But I have now found a way to balance both mediums and am very pleased to reveal I have been working on new music and getting ready to perform in New York.

02) Can you tell me anything about the replies of your music and about your performances. Where did you perform for instance? I performed a series of shows for the ‘Voix De La Vie’ performance showcase in Australia

03) What is your favorite song of the 4 singles you made and did you make it all alone or did you worked together with some people? Hell is Here

04) What is your biggest inspiration for your music? Do you got any names? I grew up inspired to make music by bands like Depeche Mode, Cabaret Voltaire & Nitzer Ebb. But my taste in music is so ecclectic, I love KISS, Madonna, Eurythmics, Marilyn Manson, Tori Amos, the list goes on… so i’m certain all those pleasures must inspire in some way or other.


05) Which artist/group admire you the most? Depeche Mode


06) What is your favorite song of the moment? At the moment I am obsessed with Lorde, she is amazing!

07) What is your magic music moment ever? I think recording 7 songs in the studio in one day, the egineer was amazed, that session resulted in the tracks Shine and Please

08) You are now a freelance photographer. Tell me something about that. For instance, since when and what for kind of photos are you creating. Truth is I have been a photographer since the very early 90’s, I have shot fashion, bands, nudes, and moe recently product photography.

Facebook - Sexonfifthavenue (01-12-2014)

09) If people are interested in you, how can they follow you? I can be found on facebook, twitter, instagram reverbnation, I am a social media whore.. lol… Just search for Ostin Torre

10) Anything left to say? I live to express myself and encourage others to do the same 🙂

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