New Single : I Can’t Go On – Robin Bengtsson

Robin Bengtsson goes straight to the Final of Melodifestivalen last Saturday with “I Can’t Go On” (The Single sleeve got a lovely artwork).

He is so talented, so really someone who needs to conquer Eurovision Songcontest!

My Best Of Robin Bengtsson

Melodifestivalen 2017

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I Can’t Go On – Single

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Kyiv – Album

BREAKING NEWS: Timoteij Split

December 6th, Timoteij spread the world on Facebook that they will split up.

The women starts their music career on februari 20, 2010 at Melodifestivalen with “Kom” and after almost 7 years Cecilia will starts a solo-career, Elina will do something in the Health industry and Bodil will do her own projects abroad (she moved in September to Italy).

After 3 Albums platinum and golden records, touring around Sweden and some other European parts, they will end at Christmas during their final tour.

Tusen tack Timoteij for your MAGIC!

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Kom – Single

Magic Event: The Gambler’s Last Deal Tour – Kenny Rogers

On my way to the Heineken Music Hall a Dutch guy smacked his bag in my face and laughed at the start of the travel and at the end a female British Kenny Rogers-fan smacked the door in my face. Does this wonderful wake-up-trick means that I can expect more good things this evening?

Just in time after some train delays I entered the Heineken Music Hall and the Security guy laughed when he checked my bag. Guess he expected more than only an agenda full of crap.

I had a seat at the Black Box, but what does that mean? Just the whole floor where I already was told a HMH-staffmember with a smile as I was a bit worried that it was “a very stupid question” and I told her about my fear.

Than I focus my eyes on the chairs and did I hear a warm welcome from someone of the press? My seat was next to a guy, which make a report for”Lust For Life Magazine” ( ) and a lovely elder couple from Amsterdam are our supportact. The lady told such a funny fanstories about Kenny Rogers that I could not wait to see the biggest living legend in Country Music.

At 8.10 PM (the Next Country Superstar) Charlie Worsham starts his show with a few songs that makes you going to think “he is going to get HUGE” with songs like “You Can’t Break What’s Broken”, “Lawn Chair” and the song that was in the Bones TV series, season nine “Love Don’t Die Easy”.

After his 30 minute show, fans could meet him at the Merchandise stand and The responses where very good although the lady behind me was talking to all his songs that it was just “terrible” from the start to the end.

9.10 PM Kenny Rogers starts his 1,5 hour show with the help of (A grandmother you’ve never seen before) Linda Davis and make a shocking start as a robot. Gladly the way he walked was due to a recent knee-operation, where the wrong knee was replaced according to Stand-up Comedian Kenny Rogers which has a overwhelming appearance as the granddad we always wished to have (gladly I had the luck to have 2 perfect ones) and starts his show with “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town” and told us how Kenneth Rogers becomes Kenny Rogers.

We wish that people like Sheena Easton and Dolly Parton are included at his farewell show “The Gambler’s Last Deal”, but Linda Davis did a very good job with her very expressive appearance as the “alternate”, but Dottie West stays Dottie West. She passed away a few years ago and you see in the eyes of Kenny that she was very special for him. Her voice from the past mixed very well with the incredible live entertainer Rogers and the beautiful “All I Ever Need Is You”, which does not reach a specific tone anymore, but who cares? (some who expected that he is NOT 78 years old).

In case you think the favorite duet is a song with Dolly Parton… it is NOT! It’s Sheena Easton’s “We’ve Got Tonight”.

Besides Lionel Richie’s Lady, a very psychedelical version of “Something’s Burning” from his sixtees period my favorite part of the show (much better than the Original Version). The vibe was so wonderful, that you wish Kenny did not stop singing for another 43 years and make another 75! Albums.

At the final of the show, he sang “You Can’t Make Old Friends” with a beautiful videoclip with fantastic snippets of his incredible career. That was a beautiful flashback and a german fan comments “Kenny Is(t) Cool” and I must admit. She was so right!

Listen 2 Kenny Rogers – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

Listen 2 Linda Davis – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Number Ones – Album 03/28/2006

Rubberband – Album 08/16/2013

My Amazing Grace – Single 05/24/2011

BREAKING NEWS : Liberty X-star Kevin Simm @ The Voice

Liberty X-star Kevin Simm released his Solo-Album “Brand New” back in 2008. Now he returns with his Solo-work and participate in The Voice.

Watch “Chandelier (Sia)

Kissing You (Des’ree)

and “Rolling In The Deep” (Adele)

Tonight BBC the Final! Will he be THE VOICE OF UK?

Listen 2 Liberty X – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Being Somebody 2003

X (+Bonus Track) 10/11/2005

It’s O.k. – Album 06/11/2015

Goodbye – Single 03/29/2011


Brand New – Album 10/01/2008

BREAKING NEWS : X Factor Participant Nathaniel O’Brien (19) R.I.P.

Last years X Factor participant Nathaniel O’Brien has died after a Caraccident.

Just 19 and only release 1 E.P. called “Without You”

Before he gets the final of X Factor, he already participate in a Talentshow. At age 11 he did “Australia’s Got Talent”

Listen 2 Nathaniel O”Brien – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Without You 06/12/2014

BREAKING NEWS : The Final Album – One Direction / Drag Me Down – Sam Tsui & Megan Nicole

Everybody is talking about the nearby future of the Boyband One Direction, the latest news is… They are visiting Abbey Road Studios (famous because of The Beatles) with a 24-piece orchestra for The Final Album. So be prepared for One Direction showing themselves in another direction.

Until the moment, you can “Drag Me Down”, which Single has already being covered by Sam Tsui & Megan Nicole.

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Drag Me Down – Single 07/31/2015

Drag Me Down – Sam Tsui & Megan Nicole 08/11/2015

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