New Single : Rock Mi 2020 / New Album : Rock Mi – Die größten Hits – The voXXclub

The voXXclub released their “Rock Mi” in a new version.

Enjoy yesterday’s live performance @ Schlager, Stars & Sterne.

Preorder their New Album “Rock Mi – Die größten Hits”.


Rock Mi – Die größten Hits – Album September 18, 2020

New Single : Paris Paris Paris (Party Mix) – KLUBBB3 ft. Mike Rotgens

Usually I am not writing about remixes, but the latest Single “Paris Paris Paris” is too catchy. Mike Rotgens made an incredible Party Mix of the track, which is in its original version at the latest Album “Wir Werden Immer Mehr! / Ho-Dio-Di-Jee”.

Greatest Hits


Paris Paris Paris (Party Mix) 01/12/2018

Wir werden immer mehr! (Deluxe Edition) 01/12/2018

Ho-Dio-Di-Jee (Wir werden immer mehr!) [Dutch Deluxe Version] 01/12/2018

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