New Single: Celebrate / New Album: Globalization – Pitbull

Pitbull is back with an album full of stars. “Globalization” includes Sean Paul, Chris Brown, John Ryan, Ne-Yo, Chloe Angelides, Heymous Molly, Jason Derulo, Juicy J, G.R.L, Bebe Rexha, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte.

The album includes “Celebrate” from the Original Motion Picture “Penguins Of Madagascar”.

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Celebrate (From the Original Motion Picture Penguins of “Madagascar”) – Single – Pitbull 10/18/2014

Simone Battle Commit Suicide (G.R.L.) R.I.P.

The follow-up of The Pussycat Dolls (after all the former members where out the band, it was better to changethe name into G.R.L.) are in the middle of a nightmare. Their bandmember Simone Battle (the darkest one) has commit suicide by hanging herself due to depression issues.

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In 2011 former X Factor-participant Simone Battle released her gay anthem “He Likes Boys”

2 years later she become a bandmember of G.R.L. and released their debut “Vacation”.

Vacation – Single – G.R.L. 06/18/13

The latest release, was their EP “G.R.L.” including “Vacation”, “Show Me What You Got” and “Ugly”.

G.R.L. – EP – G.R.L. 07/29/14


Earlier this year, they had a worldwide hit with Pitbull with the amazing “Wild Wild Love”.

SIMONE BATTLE June 17, 1989 – September 5, 2014 R.I.P.

Review New Single: Show Me What You’ve Got – G.R.L.

Before “G.R.L.” take the world by storm through “Pitbull”, they have released 8 days ago their second single after their debut of summer last year “Vacation”.

It is an incredible song with a catchy “ajajajaj”-chorus. Yes, it sounds like “The Pussycat Dolls” and that was the idea behind the group according to the creator Robin Antin

For more information of Natasha Slayton, Paula Van Oppen, Simone Battle, Emmalyn Estrada and Lauren Bennett:

Review New Single: Wild Wild Love – Pitbull Featuring G.R.L. (versus Love Trigger – JEM)

When I heard this track, some parts reminds me of the swedish trio “JEM” and their most recent song “Love Trigger”.

But it is actually not from Sweden. It’s American “Pitbull” once again together with just another colaboration “G.R.L.”.

It’s just another great song that will conquer the world once again!

For more information:

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