New Album : Church – Galantis

Galantis released their New Album “Church” featuring instant singles “Steel”, “Unless It Hurts” & “Stella” with the voice of Cathy Dennis (“Fuck Tomorrow Now” seems to be a song of Cathy, the offical details of that song is unknown 😉 ) , “Never Felt A Love Like This” featuring Dotan. “Miracle” with Bali Bandits, “Hurricane” with John Newman and “Bonfire” with Steve James.



Spotify : New Music Friday (Holland)

These are the highlights of this week’s New Music Friday in Holland.

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I’d Go Anywhere (Do Anything) – Jay Pray


Vakantie – Lil Kleine

Carry On – Norah Jones

(From “Day Breaks” 07/10/2016)

XOXO – Galantis & East And Young

(Music from the Netflix Original Film 08/26/2016)

Paisley (When Doves Cry / Where Evil Grows) – Shilpa Ray

Roze Wolk – Diouff

Life Afraid – Set It Off

(From “Upside Down” 10/07/2016)

Beating Heart – Hydrogen Sea

August 2016 Spotify Single Playlist

August 2016 YouTube Single Playlist

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