Eurovision Songcontest 2014 Topless / Nude Pictures Polish Entry Donatan & Cleo

What was the greatest act of Eurovision Songcontest 2014? Ofcourse the legendary Donatan & Cleo with “My Słowianie – We Are Slavic”

Besides three female backing vocalists who also performed choreography: Alesia Turonak, Sylwia Klan and Anna Łapińska, the eyecatchers where the two flirty sexbombs Ola Ciupa and Paula Tumala.

It would not surprise you I think that they like to take their clothes off?

Here are the hottest pictures of an Eurovision act ever!





So this is what they called “Hot news!”


My Słowianie – Single 11/04/2013

My Slowianie – Remixes – Single 05/06/2014

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