New Single : Thank You For Being A Friend (ft. Chrystal Knives & Sarah de Warren) / Lonely Boy – The Asylum Years Anthology – Andrew Gold

Remembering the Golden Girls theme song?

That Andrew Gold masterpiece is back again in a New Version with Chrystal Knives & Sarah de Warren.

Cherry Red Records brings you more… Preoder “Lonely Boy – The Asylum Years Anthology” now!




Thank You For Being A Friend – Single

Lonely Boy – The Asylum Years Anthology

Breaking News: New Website / Music News: Fabio Ponente (2 Fabiola-Dancer)

Magic Music Magazine likes the news that 2 Fabiola Dancer Fabio Ponente is back in the music scene!

After the Comeback Single “Sweet Harmony” (nineties hit for The Beloved”). Fabio is busy with his Golden Girls Leslie Verbist & Fabienne de Leeuw to prepar his show “for all Everyone Who Loves all Kind Off Humanity
Let’s Harmonyzd Peace , Respect and Love” with a phase of his Single “Be As 1”.

Today he launched his website Take a look at his homepage and book him @ PVT Entertainment & Management (I was very surprised to read this, as I really have had a great time 11 years ago in that area of Delft) or TOP Entertainment.

Fabio Ponente

To check how Fabio live will be, come and visit Terrazza, Antwerp next 8 and 9 August, during Pride presented by Sam Verdoodt including a Eurovision-special.

Terazza , Antwerpen, Pride

You can hear his Single and let me know if you prefer this version or the one by The Beloved.

BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Images)

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