Review New Single: Made Of Shadown – Amelia’s Fault & Andreas Öhrn

“Gravitonas” lead vocalist “Andreas Öhrn” has released this month a new EP with “Alexander Bard”, including “People Lonely People” together with “Army Of Lovers”, but there is more.

He colaborate with Amelia’s Fault and that reminds me a bit of german DJ “ATB” for some reason. It is an Original arrangement and the shout out “Because” is a great effect on the chorus.

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NEW EP: Garden Of Men & Machines – Gravitonas

Today Gravitonas released just another EP. After “The Hypnosis EP” (2010), “The Coliseum EP”(2010) , “The Black Ceremony EP” (2012) and “The Hyperborea EP” (2012). It is now time for “The Garden Of Men & Machines”.


The EP starts with the latest single “People Lonely People” (that has an incredible videoclip), with Alexander Bard his first band Army Of Lovers:

Then the volume speeds up with the powerfull “Playing With Fire”. Hard dance beats mixed with slower parts are well done. I really love this and then it gets slower with the beautiful “Castles In Air”. The pure vocal arrangement gave the song a special touch. That is not the only ballad, also the sixth song “Antiheroes” (Acoustic version). The song “Smoke In The Mirror” has a rhythm that moves you from the beginning and the voice of Andreas Öhrn is really sounding amazing on this track. Finally there is the track “Feed The Lions” which is a variated song with different layers, included with transformed vocals and the beat is absolutely cool!

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Also through Spotify you can listen to just another great EP from Gravitonas:

People Are Lonely – Gravitonas Featuring Army Of Lovers


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NEW MAGICAL GREAT SINGLE OF GRAVITONAS FEATURING ARMY OF LOVERS IS RELEASED! It sounds original and very refreshing once again! although the fantastic beat reminds me of “Smalltown Boy” of Bronski Beat, but than much louder. The 8 track single, included 3 mixes from SoundFactory, which has done a lot in de swedish popscene.

People Lonely People




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