BREAKING NEWS : Nick Menza (Megadeth) R.I.P.

“TELL ME THIS ISN’T TRUE! I woke at 4 AM to hear Nick Menza passed away on 5/21 playing his drums w/Ohm at the Baked Potato.” are the heartbreaking message of Megadeth-member Dave Mustaine about the drama that the Metalband received this Sunday morning.

Twitter Dave Mustaine (22-05-2016)

Unfortunatelly… “The Threat Is Real”.

After the third song at the Jazz Club “The Baked Potato” with the band OHM he gets a heart attack.

He was member of Megadeth 1989 to 1998 and drums at the Albums “Rust In Peace” (1990) , “Countdown To Extinction” (1992), “Youthanasia” (1994) and “Cryptic Writings” (1997).

For 10 years he was drummer of “Deltanaut” (2006–2016).

Nick Menza (51) Rust In Peace!

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Rust In Peace



Rust In Peace (Live)



Countdown To Extinction



Countdown to Extinction (20th Anniversary Edition)


Countdown To Extinction (Live)





Cryptic Writings



BREAKING NEWS : Otis Clay (73) RIP

Last friday morning Soulsinger Otis Clay has died at age 73 after a heartattack.

According to the Management of Clay “Our hearts are broken, pray for the Family Clay” and came his death suddenly.

After singing in a gospel choir, he got his first hit in 1967 “That’s How It Is (When You’re In Love)” and than he got a second hit with the follow-up “A Lasting Love”. Other hits where “She’s About A Mover” and “The Only Way Is Up”. In 1972 he recieved his biggest hit : Trying To Live My Life Without You”

Vinyl – Album

MP3 – Album

His latest Album was with Johnny Rawls “Soul Brothers” in 2014

MP3 – Album

BREAKING NEWS: Lynn Anderson R.I.P.

Singer who begged for a Rose Garden has died at 67 years old.

Lynn Rene Anderson (September 26, 1947 – July 30, 2015) died at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee from a heart attack at the age of 67. She had been hospitalized due to pneumonia after a trip to Italy.

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The Essential Lynn Anderson 04/01/2014


Survivor – Singer Jimi Jamison died (63)

In 1984 rockband Survivor came up with a new leadsinger Jimi Jamison. Shortly afterwards they had a massive success with “The Eye Of The Tiger”, due to the masterpiece “Rocky 3”. One of the movies that made Sylvester Stallone a legend.

He died due to a heart attack August 31th, one day after his final performance on stage with Survivor.

Last May his “Eye Of The Tiger” Single has been released under his name Jimi Jamison. You can download it below with three exclusive mixes!

Ps.: Coincidentally Thea Austin covers “The Eye Of The Tiger” with a band called strangly “Heart Attack” in 2007.

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With Survivor

Vital Signs (1984)

When Seconds Count (1986)

Too Hot to Sleep (1988)

Reach (2006)

Ultimate Survivor (2004)

Survivor Extended Versions MTV Live in Japan Special (2005)


“If I Cry” (solo single) (1967)

When Love Comes Down (1991)

Empires (1999), initially released under the “Jimi Jamison’s Survivor” band name

Crossroads Moment (2008)

Extra Moments (2010) with Jim Peterik

House That Loves Built 01/30/2010

Kimball/Jamison (2011) with Bobby Kimball

I’m Always Here (Live By the Waterside) – Single

Unreleased Music 04/12/2012

Tears In My Eyes – Single 04/12/2012

Never Too Late (2012)

Jimi Jamison EP 29/11/2012

Wouldn’t Feel Like Christmas – Single 12/05/2012

Touch You There – Single 02/27/2013

Eye Of The Tiger – Single 05/27/2014

True Survivor – Single 09/01/2014


Combinations – D Beaver (1971)

combinations LP

Target (self-titled) (1976)

Captured – Target (1977)

This Ain’t Hollywood, Degarmo & Key, (1980), Forefront Records

First Strike – Cobra (1983)

Headhunter – Krokus (1983)(background vocals)

Worrall – Rick & Steve Worrall, (1991), with Shawn Lane, re-release on Yesterrock Records

Heat It Up, Degarmo & Key, (1993), Sony BMG

To Extremes, Degarmo & Key, (1994), Benson

The Restless Kind (feat. Jimi Jamison & Fred zahl) – Single – One Man’s Trash 09/02/2012

Long Time (House Mix) [feat. Jimi Jamison & Fred Zahl] – Single – One Man’s Trash 05/10/2012

One Man`s Trash feat. Jimi Jamison & Fred Zahl (2011) History

Karmalion, Indicco, (2013), New Venture Music

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