BREAKING NEWS : Funeral Details / INFLUX Launch – Nick Menza ( Megadeth / Deltanaut / OHM) /

Scenefour was supposed to introduce Nick Menza’s New Project INFLUX July 16th…

… According to them “Nick Menza is releasing a debut piece of art created from rhythm. The process involves the use of drumsticks that light to craft the visuals within the artwork. To build the piece, Menza worked with SceneFour, the art team behind the medium and publishers of rhythmic works by a highly select group of legendary drummers”.

Is this about a Music Release or what? We need to wait for more details about this project.

J. Marshall Craig wrote today a special message for friends and fans of Nick Menza about the celebration of his life. I copy his message and hope everybody will be reached in time to gave him a beautiful goodbye!

“For friends & fans: Nick Menza was in musician heaven last month when I took him to Rose Lane Studio a few weeks back to meet Sjoerd Auke Koppert and Damion ‘Damizza’ Young and the team there. There were many plans in the works, for the release of Nick’s book that we wrote, a comic book version of his time with Megadeth and many, many other wonderful things, including a trip to stay with me and my family here in Cape Cod tomorrow. He died last night on stage in L.A. doing what he loved.

I have been asked by his family to be their public representative though this tragic and difficult time, so will be fielding all press inquiries. His mother Rose and father Don ask for privacy and prayers for them, and Nick’s two young boys. News of a service, remembrance and celebration of Nick’s life and music will be announced in the days to come.

I can be reached at

This wonderful photo of Nick at the mixing console was taken April 9, 2016.

Nick menza died during his gig with OHM at The Baked Potato Jazz Club this weekend. See for more about that at the other blog on his website

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