New Album : Unleash The Beat (Emerald Mix) – Jes

“Unleash the Beat (Emerald Mix)” is the New Album by Jes, featuring 15 EDM tracks like “Furia” with Dimension, “Trigger” with Dirty Ducks & Execute, “Hold On” with Shant, Clint Maximus & Fatum, “Ocean Drive” with Joonas Hahmo & K-System, “Aminia” with Jakko and the latest Single “Yai (Here We Go Again” with Cosmic Gate.

The Album continues with “One Way To LA” with Monoverse, “Atom” with Moonbeam, “Runaway” with Cold Blue, Dennis Shepard & Triad Dragons, “Koi Koi” with Alex O’Rion,”Cairo” with Jason Ross, “Runaway Train” with Alex Kunnari, “Flying Kitten” with Bobina, “Two Souls” with Fisherman & Hawkins.

Final track is the Title Track “Unleash The Beat (Emerald Mix)”.

Listen 2 Jes – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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BREAKING NEWS : Dutch Participant Eurovision Songcontest 2016 : Douwe Bob

Douwe Bob IS the upcoming act and first announced act for Eurovision Songcontest 2016, he just told this Breaking News at the most popular TV show in Holland DWDD. Earlier this year he released a Single together with Eurovision Songcontest 2014 participant Anouk called “Hold Me”

The Singer released 2 Albums “Born In A Storm” and “Pass It On”

Listen to Douwe Bob – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Born In A Storm – Album 05/03/2013



Pass It On – Album 05/15/2015

Pass It On

The Voice Of Holland Winner: O’G3NE

Lisa, Amy & Shelley starts their International career as the participant for Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with the Dutch Song “Adem In, Adem Uit”.

The kids are now young adults and changed their name into “O’G3NE”, the bloodgroup of their mother. The Sisters participate under that name at The Voice Of Holland. Last friday they become the winners of the Fifth season and even Perez Hilton noticed the beautiful harmony of the girls with a cover from Wilson Phillips “Hold On”.

They are ready to conquer the world. That is what they want. Take a look at their Discography and BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Images)

300% – Album – Lisa, Amy & Shelley 06/02/2008

The Power Of Christmas – EP – Lisa, Amy & Shelley 12/05/2008

‘T Is Zomer – Single – Lisa, Amy & Shelley 06/12/2009

‘t is zomer – EP Lisa, Amy & Shelley 06/12/2009

Magie – Single Lisa, Amy & Shelley 07/31/2009

Fout Ventje – Single 09/08/2010

Niemand – Single Lisa, Amy & Shelley 04/29/2011

Dicht Bij Jou – Single – Lisa, Amy & Shelley 09/16/2011

Boemerdeboem – Single – Lisa, Amy & Shelley 02/17/2012

Op De Radio – Single Lisa, Amy & Shelley 09/14/2012

Ik Wil Jou – Young Smooties (feat. Lisa, Amy & Shelley) – Single 05/23/2013

Diep In De Nacht – Single – Lisa, Amy & Shelley 05/28/2013

Al Mijn Vrienden (Van “Sinterklaas En De Pepernoten Chaos”) – Single – Lisa, Amy & Shelley 09/30/2013

Emotion – Single – O’G3NE 09/13/2014

I See Fire – Single – Gabriella Massa & O’G3NE 10/25/2014

Clash 8 – Single – Abigail Martina & O’G3NE 11/22/2014

Buttons – Single – O’G3NE 11/29/2014

Change Will Come – Single – O’G3NE 12/06/2014

Hold On – Single – O’G3nE 12/13/2014

Magic – Single – O’G3NE 12/13/2014

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