New Single: Living For Love (Remixes) / Joan Of Arc / Hold Tight – Madonna / Iconic – Madonna Featuring Chance The Rapper & Mike Tyson

Yes it is for real. Madonna has released her song with Mike Tyson and Chance The Rapper on Youtube just after midnight today “Iconic”.

Do you like it?

If you want more Rebel Heart-magic. Watch her videoclip “Livin’For Love”.

Or her recent performance at this years Grammy Awards!

“Hold Tight”, here are just two other songs from her “Rebel Heart”, also just published!

Hope you like “Joan Of Arc” and the other tracks, if so preorder “Rebel Heart”.

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Rebel Heart – Explicit 03/10/2015

Rebel Heart – Clean

Living for Love – Remixes 02/09/2015

Breaking News: Rebel Heart (Demo’s) – Madonna

Especially for you. The 14 leaked Demo’s of “Rebel Heart” by Madonna. Be aware they are HIGH QUALITY including a new “Justify My Love” (Best Night)!


1. Tragic Girl 3:20
2. Beautiful Scars 4:20
3. Inside Out 4:24
4. Freedom 3:56
5. Veni Vidi Vici 4:00
6. Hold Tight 4:00
7. Iconic 4:00
8. Graffiti Heart 2:38
9. Best Night 3:30
10. Holy Water 3:34
11. Back That Up (Do It) [feat. Pharrel Williams] 3:31
12. God Is Love 3:31
13. Nothing Lasts Forever 3:31
14. Body Shop 3:34


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