New Album : Make Things Happen – Ian Thomas

After several Singles, Ian Thomas is back with a full Album “Make Things Happen”, featuring 13 tracks like the Single “Envelop Me”

“Turn Around : Till The Morning Part 2” featuring Lilana & Flo Rida, “Lights” with Very and “Cheers” with Tyga are the 3 duets on the Album.

Listen 2 Ian Thomas – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Album: GameTime – Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas got a follow-up for his “Diversity” album, called “GameTime” with the singles “Another Round”, “Lalaland”, “Love 4x” and just another song with Bella Blue “The Way It Feels”. Especially for the asian market they released today a videoclip for this track.

Besides Bella Blue another duet is on the album. “Money” is made together with Qwes Kross.

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AMAZING DISCOVERY Review Walking On Air – Anise K. Featuring Lance Bass, Ian Thomas,Bella Blue & Snoop Doggy Dog

Australian recording artist and producer “Anise K” makes a new hit for Rihanna.But she was too busy. A great replacement found in America “Bella Blue” and was released December 18,2012.

It went Number One with the help of “N Sync”-singer Lance Bass and Belgium singer “Ian Thomas” (just 16!) in Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Russia,Turkey and Thailand.

January 18, 2013 the video was released on YouTube and dissapeared a couple of months later after it was viewed a more than 5 million times

Now it is back for a re-release those who did not knew that track before (me) with on front Lance Bass.

Cover-TopMuzik_info 21-01-2014

WOW, what an amazing comeback! Maybe the best track Lance ever did!

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