New Single / New Album : Dos Bros – The BossHoss

The “Handsome Devils” The Bosshoss are back with Dos Bros, their amazing New Single, featured on their fantastic Album “Dos Bros” featuring a second part featuring covers “No Diggity” (Blackstreet) with Xavier Naidoo, with Common Linnets “Jolene’ (Dolly Parton), with Aura Dione “Geronimo” (Sheppard), great track “Beautiful People” (Marilyn Manson) , “Walking Away” with Rea Garvey, with Nena “What I Did For Love” (David Guetta) and The Graveltones are on “Boom Boom” (NOT the Vengaboys). I can mentioned much more highlights (for instance 50 Cent “Candy Shop”), but you really need to surprise how great this Album is!

Listen 2 The BossHoss – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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New Album: The Common Linnets – EP – The Common Linnets

The Common Linnets are back with a brand new EP “The Common Linnets”, featuring 5 new Acoustic versions of the tracks “Broken But Home”, “Calm After The Storm”, “Time Has No Mercy”, “Hungry Hands”, “Still Loving After You” and a New song “Christmas Around You” is the sixth track.

You can also order the EP together with the first album!

On “An American Christmas”, you can also hear another new track “At Christmas Time”.

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The Common Linnets – EP

The Common Linnets (Special Edition) – The Common Linnets

An American Christmas




I dislike Twitter until I start this website, I get really kind replies from all over the world, but mainly (still) from the U.S.A.

As I believed in the future of The Common Linnets with Waylon & Ilse DeLange, I linked their album to the Country place to be “Nashville”.

During my PR, Nashville Resident Chase Allan gets in touch with me through Twitter on May 13th.

Chase Allan Twitter (31-05-2014)

I was surprised this was not “just someone”, it was someone who impressed me as much as Magic Music Magazine Research Discover “Ashley Monroe”.

Actually the World is not very big as the woman behind his related Canadian Artist United Agency Kelly Leigh contact me in the first days of my website after I wrote about an incredible concert of Brian McKnight and Eric Benét.

“See” how “Amazing” “The Independent Country Artist Of The Year is”is:

The results of it all is that Chase become the Next One for my favorite part of Magic Music Magazine.


Chase Allan


Nashville, Tn/ May 29, 2014

My Magic Music Song

One of my favorite songs would have to be Led Zepplin’s “Black Dog” One word for this song is “Wow!”

My Magic Music Album

One of my favorite Albums would have to be Aerosmith’s “Toys in the Attic”

My Magic Music Videoclip

My Magic Music Concert

My Favorite Concert was seeing “The Eagles” What can you say….one of the Best!


My Favorite Magic Music Song Of This Moment

Johnny Cash “Walk The Line” Gotta LuV Johnny!

My Favorite Magic Music Album Of This Moment

David Nail “Sound of a Million Dreams”

My Favorite Magic Music Moment

My Favorite music moment was recently playing at the Expo Center in Harrisburg, PA Me & the boys Rocked the House!

My Future Magic Music Moment

Looking forward to Playing the UK…hopefully in Sept. 2014! Should be a Spectacular Time!

My Most Magical Moment In My Life

I would have to say writing my first complete song when I was 14 & jammin’ it out Live…man those were the days!

My Magic Music Plans are…

I’m going to continue to write and record great music and perform with my band. I’m going to continue to spread my music throughout the world the best I can.

Anything Left To Say?

I love the fans and they are the reason why my music continues to spread…there not just a number to me!

I love sharing my music along this Musical Road I’m on. It’s a Journey and I’m working hard everyday to make

great music and meet great people from around the world.





Chase Allan Website (31-05-2014)


Chase Allan

EUROVISION SONGCONTEST 2014: Introducing New Member “Common Linnets” Jake Etheridge

Today Common Linnets-member Waylon told why he is dissapeared on the European Tour of Common Linnets for one week. It’s the project of Ilse DeLange and he missed some creative freedom.

The Promotional tour continue anyway without him and Waylon is replaced by one of the Songwriters of “Calm After The Storm” Jake Etheridge. No words about Waylon left the band, it is just a band with different formats.

Jake makes music since 2010 and started as CherryCase, but if you see the Discography he released some items later once again under his own name and worked with Rebecca Roubion

He has an own website

Jake Grew up in South Carolina and now live in Nashville, the place that fits Common Linnets the best!


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CherryCase – CherryCase 02/26/2010 – Album

Change – CherryCase – Single 11/05/2010

Think Of Me – CherryCase EP – CD 07/17/2012

I Could Be The One – CherryCase – Single 10/02/2012

Make Up Your Mind – CherryCase & Rebecca Roubion 01/23/2013

Make Up Your Mind – Jake Etheridge & Rebecca Roubion 23/07/2013

I Could Be The One – Jake Etheridge 07/23/2013

Change – Jake Etheridge 08/11/2013

Break – Rebeccca Roubion Featuring Jake Etheridge – Single 04/08/2014


Almost Eurovision Songcontest 2014 Winners “The Common Linnets” Goes Worldwide!

It’s Ilse DeLange her 36th birthday, so what is a better gift than releasing her album with Waylon worldwide today?

Due to popular demand the album is available worldwide, so comments like “Unfortunatelly we can only buy the single” is PAST and all because of …

Yesterday they received their GOLD and soon it will be multiplatinum, I believe!

Their single was in a couple of hours after the release number one in Estonia last month, so that was the first sign of an International success and lots more to come for the future biggest selling dutch act in history with their Country Pop, which CD is out of stock fastly in Holland.

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Ps.: Search in the Engine for more Eurovision / Ilse DeLange / Waylon / The Common Linnets blogs!

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