BREAKING NEWS : Janet Jackson – Shoulda Known Better – A Tribute To The Victims of the Orlando Shooting

Janet Jackson’s released a beautiful “Tribute To The Victims of the Orlando Shooting”. Listen and watch “Shoulda Known Better”.

I send lots of magic love to the victims and wish Gayclub Pulse all the best with their “Unbreakable” future!

The song is available at her “Unbreakable” Album.

Listen 2 Janet Jackson – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Unbreakable (CD)

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Unbreakable – Album 10/02/2015

BREAKING NEWS : The Unbreakable Tour – Janet Jackson

After Take That beating Janet Jackson with their great concert last week in Ziggodome, will it be Janet Jackson once again who made an even better concert next May in Ziggodome?

Next Friday tickets are for sale at this Mojo-event.

Read more of her tour (Amsterdam is not included yet)

Tickets are 55 euro (or more) on sale tomorrow morning at 10 AM

Janet jackson surprised her fans last night due to a so-called MyMusicVIP -arrangement. If you purchased the CD you see a wide range of Janet memorabilia including costumes, awards and photo’s from Janet’s illustrious career.

Janet surprises fans at MyMusicVIP at show

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Magic Event : Take That III Tour : The Greatest Show Ever!

For 22 years I told everyone that Janet Jackson’s “Janet.” was The Greatest Show Ever. But… Howard Donald, Gary Barlow and Mark Owen are “Unbreakable!” Could It Be Magic”? Yes it is!

In Amsterdam the Magic Place was not so crowded. 50 per cent empty during the amazing Emin, who introduced the crowd all his Singles, like, “Amor”, “Woman” and his latest Single “Boomerang”

That guy really fits with Take That with his uptempo fresh beat. For 30 minutes he let the crowd move and than… the whole Ziggodome was almost full! Let’s wait 30 minutes and than Take That “Rule The World”

Just some minutes before 8.30 PM, some dancers came on stage and interact with the audience by selling umbrella’s and watches. After some minutes they came four guys with Mask. Is Robbie Williams back? is Jason Orange has regret and be “Back For Good?” No, it was just a mingle with one of the dancers and than…

WOW, what a show! A whole circus with shiny colours and visuel masterpieces takes you in some fairytales. We travelled via the Ocean to China and everybody “Never Forget” that Take That is not only a boyband, but also an amazing dance-act with a beautiful ballet between Howard and Mark.

21 songs in two hours with old songs starts with “I Like”, getting hot during “Relight My Fire” and ends with “Never Forget”.A special Dutch intro for “Back For Good” by Mark and asking Gary Barlow what the Success Story is exactly. Between those classics, the Album “III” gets the right promotion with Live Versions of “Get Ready For It’, “Let The Sun”, “Flaws” and ofcourse their first Single as the Magical Trio “These Days”

Please if you had the change go for this Magic Experience, these are the upcoming changes:

8 October 2015 , Berlin, Germany ,Velodrome
9 October 2015 , Vienna, Austria, Gasometer
11 October 2015 , Stuttgart, Germany ,Schleyerhalle
12 October 2015,Zurich, Switzerland ,Hallenstadion
13 October 2015 , Milan, Italy ,Forum

“The Circus” of Take That is for everyone, boys and girls, men and women! I saw teenagers, who discover Take That, former fans of the hey days who are in the thirties, but also people who are mid-fifties. People in the Golden Circle has paid more than 70 euro to watch the guys very close, while there were people who win free tickets on Facebook, Q Music (Dj Gijs Staverman was present!) et cetera and also VakantieVeilingen (ticketservice) gave tickets away with prices like 3,50 euro with an auction method.

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III (Deluxe) [+digital booklet]
Take That 11/28/2014

More Amor – Emin – CD 05/05/2015

More Amor – Emin – MP3 03/20/2015

Listen 2 Emin – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

Listen 2 Take That – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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