Nieuw Album : List Live – Liesbeth List

Liesbeth List kunnen nog even genieten van wat nieuwe muziek van de overleden legende. Dit is bijvoorbeeld het Nieuwe Album “List Live” met o.a. “De Verzoening” (Frank Boeijen) en “Wereldreis” en “Heb Het Leven Lief” (zie het prachtige YouTube filmpje van Koninklijk Theater Carre in Amsterdam.



Liesbeth Live – Album

FAVORIETEN EXPRESS – Album 29 Juni 2018

Magic Events : Pippin – The Broadway Musical

Secretly I’ve always been a fan of acrobatics. To see this combined with my big hobby musical is a very special experience. Pippin is a unique show, unlike any other musical, a fact some members of the cast agreed to during our conversation after the show. The dancing, stunts and acrobatics are mindblowing, the cast members show such a control over their body!

The clownesk way the story is told, does not diminish the more serious message underneath, but it does make it a true spektakle to watch. De cast members are dressed in glamorous costumes, all except Pippin, who wears a more modest outfit, wich suits his character.

The continuous switch in interaction between the members of the cast and the audience, provide the play an extra dimension. For instance when the Leading Player distances herself from her character to point out some flaws in the acting of a colleague. Or when all of a sudden the audience is spoken to and invited to sing along. Another example is when the Leading Player, the storyteller, also talks to Pippin in person, the one she is actually telling the story about.

The singing was of good quality, there’s a lot of talent present in the cast. It was nice tot talk to some of the big stars from the show. While we enjoyed the magic of the show, the cast members themselves enjoyed participating in that same show just as much. And, so they told us, to be able to do so in a city like Amsterdam, makes it even more magical for them.

Report: Myrthe Levering


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Pippin — Sheet Music from the Broadway Musical: Piano/Vocal/Chords

Pippin – CD

Pippin – MP3

MAGIC TALK : Meet & Greet Pippin – Musicalstars Kyle Dean Massay, Erik Altemus & Gabrielle McClinton

Broadway Musical “Pippin” have their Dutch première tonight and yesterday, we had a meet and greet after the first show with Kyle Dean Massay, Erik Altemus and Gabrielle McClinton. A great opportunity that came on my way at my embarrassing part of my life.

At the end of last year I was battling with 700 emails linked with this site. I have no assistent so I was just struggling with words and one of the words was “Pippin”. I skip it and forgot it. A few days later the PR-lady said “Hello”, when she came on my path and I was thinking “Pippin?” and a conversation starts in my not so clever moment, that could be an Oscar-winning role as “Mr.Stupid”.

We live these days in a world we like to banned everyone who made one mistake or unfriend people when you said something stupid, but lucky me, I end up in the canteen of Royal Theatre Carré surrounded by a bunch of enthusiastic Americans who works behind the scenes of the famous Broadway Musical waiting for the man behind Pippin, Pippin’s brother and the storyteller, which are all three impressive by their positive beautiful charismatic personality.

KYLE DEAN MASSAY (November 17, 1981)

Kyle Dean Massey

Kyle Dean Massey has an impressive career. He works on Broadway in Pippin, Next To Normal, Wicked and Xanadu and maybe people know him because his TV-role Kevin Bicks from ABC’s Nashville.

According to his website Kyle Dean is a passionate supporter of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, The Trevor Project and various human rights groups. He frequently performs in charity concerts at various venues across New York City including Joe’s Pub, Ars Nova & The Laurie Beechman Theatre & 54 Below.

As Pippin Kyle was active in 2014 at “Music Box Theatre” on Broadway followed by the the National tour in 2014 and 2015 that brings him to Japan and ends in April in Holland.

Kyle says “every night is something different, because the show is very alive in every way”.

For more information:

ERIK ALTERMUS (February,25, 1987)

Erik Altemus

In 2013 Pippin starts on Broadway, a dream that came true with Erik as Pippin’s brother Lewis and as the understudy of Pippin. Recently on the tour, the role player of Pippin was sick and Erik was able to play the leading role.

His favorite scene in the Musical is “Morning Glow” at the end of the first part, when Pippin become the king.

To play an arrogant role is a great challange for him as an actor. He loves to travel the world with it and he is involved in the show since the start in 2012 and is ready to close the chapter. According to him it is a beautiful end to finish in Theater Carre.

Holland is totally different than The States. In New York there are huge buildings that makes the sun dissapears and when you walk around overhere, the europeans will think that they are crazy with their “ooh-aah”-sounds when they see the sky between all the houses.

Besides Musical, Erik writes and produced his own music. So let’s hope Magic Music Magazine will write something special about that in the nearby future.

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A friendly woman playing a bitchy storyteller, is that a good choice… yes, that is! She is amazing as the leading player and it is as “Stretching” for her. She involved for two years with Pippin and is on and off

This is the most extraordinary thing that she has seen. It has singing, dancing, acting and acrobatic.

Her role is very “look at me” but at the finale it is totally different and that is what she likes most.

The crew arrived Monday morning and she still felt the jetlag, but between all the Americans that passed us by everyone looks exciting, fresh and friendly, so I guess we all should embrace the Pippin-vibe and watch the show!

At the end of our meeting, we went out the main entrance and in 5 minutes time a friendly woman says hi from a distance and came our way out of the dark. It looks like… Yes, it was Gabrielle McClinton once again. So confusing and funny. In our minds Gabrielle stays inside Royal Theatre Carré , but she left immediatelly as well going directly to the artist entrance to left the building, so that makes us feel she has a twin sister.

Pippin’s Premiere tonight and until April 10, 2016 in Amsterdam

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Pippin — Sheet Music from the Broadway Musical: Piano/Vocal/Chords

Pippin – CD

Pippin – MP3

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