New Single : Trouble (La Remixes) – La Toya Jackson

La Toya Jackson is in “Trouble” with her latest Single.

Trouble was an unreleased old song by her and now get the attention with lots of remixes from Jared Jones, Matt Pop, Ranny, Sweet Team , Dr Brooks & Argonaut.

Listen to La Toya Jackson – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Trouble (La Remixes) – La Toya Jackson – CD (with EXTRA TRACKS)

Trouble (La Remixes) – La Toya Jackson – MP3

New Single: Feels Like Love – La Toya Jackson

I am getting through lots of emails of the last couple of months and between everything I just discovered that I missed the news of the latest catchy EDM Single by Michael Jackson his sister La Toya Jackson.

What do you think about this Single? Something you did not expect from her? I think it is very surprising and proved that La Toya is forever young!

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BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New RuPaul Tracks with Rene Dif (Aqua) and LaToya Jackson and more!

RuPaul is amazing and the latest album “Born Naked” was amazing, but the Deluxe edition is really excellent with a brand new duet with LaToya Jackson. “I Feel Like Dancin” is a true earcandy!

I think they released it as well, so the track has remixed by Matt Pop and Jared Jones. Also there is a remix called “Doot Doot Redo” and there is a “Revolucion” remix of the song with Martha Wash “Can I Get An Amen”. Aqua frontman Rene Dif remixed the track “Dance With U”.


(Deluxe is not available yet through Amazon)

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