New Single : Hakuna Kama Wewe – Lady Bee

On her Birthday, Lady Bee got a beautiful message to all of you…

“As you listen to this song,may His grace and mercy be upon you..If you haven’t given your life to Christ,dont waste your time,lifešŸ™Come to Jesus,He loves you…..Lady Bee-Hakuna Kama Wewe”

So, reason to enjoy her song on YouTube!

New Single : Kila Goti – Lady Bee

During a conversation about African artists, I mentioned Lady Bee last weekend and strangely the word “Kila” was discussed as well the day before yesterday. It was not in an African way as it means “Weirdo” in Asia and in Africa “Each”. Lady Bee got finally a follow-up after her first Single “John; 3 16”. She released a couple of weeks ago her Gospel Single “Kila Goti” (Each Knee) on YouTube and earlier this month on Spotify. Its her birthday. So watch her latest Single and purchase.

On the B-side the track “Niko Huru”

Listen 2 Lady Bee – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Image)

Review New Single: John 3:16 – Lady Bee (Bernice Nduku)

2013 Bernice Nduku A.k.a Lady Bee released her first single called John 3:16, but today this song is released worldwide.

The title suggest it has a duration of 3 minutes and 16 seconds, but that is not true. What an amazing summer song with those african rhythms.

It is to me such a bad choice to name her Lady Bee, as there are some other woman who has that nickname for instance Bianca Latupapua.

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