Breaking News : George Michael Passed Away (53)

Earlier this year I made the decision to only post positive things as that is what “Magic” means. So no news about catfights, scandals or other sad news.

George Michael.. is just an exception. The man behind the most beautiful Christmas song in history “Last Christmas” passed away during his “Last Christmas” at age 53.

Let’s celebrate his life and play “Last Christmas” to gave him a warm welcome in heaven!

Lots of new things where coming up. A Documentary, A New Album and people where hoping that Wham! will be reunited, but that though needs to change into the memories and the memories will always stays alive!

Today George Michael saw the “White Light”, one of his last Singles that was “Amazing”.

My Best Of George Michael

My Best Of Wham!

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Listen Without Prejudice / MTV Unplugged (2-CD Remastered) 03/03/2017

White Light 07/03/2012

New CD / DVD : Wilde Winter Songbook ( Deluxe ) – Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde will re-release her Album “Wilde Winter Songbook” in a Deluxe package, featuring Rick Astley, Marty Wilde, Hal Fowler and Nik Kershaw.

Update 11/06/2015:

The New Tracks on the Album are:

Keeping The Dream Alive (Shocking briliant!)
Isobel’s Dream
Deck The Halls (Angels Sing)
Last Christmas (Acoustic)
Hope – Electric Penguins Remix
Burn Cold – Electric Penguins Remix


Wilde Winter Songbook CD/DVD 2015

Wilde Winter Songbook 2015 MP3

Wilde Winter Songbook -Kim Wilde 11/22/2013



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