New Single : In The Name Of Love – Alcazar

After 20 years of disco, Alcazar released a New Single called “In The Name Of Love”. The official anthem of EuroPride 2018, now at the Greatest Hits playlist.

This year Alcazar will say goodbye after their Farewell tour. Tickets available at this New Music Friday.

5 october – Halmstad, Halmstad Arena
6 october – Skövde, Arena Skövde
12 october – Örebro, Conventum Arena
13 october – Falun, Jalas Arena
19 october – Västerås, Bombardier Arena
20 october – Malmö, Baltiska Hallen
26 october – Linköping, SAAB Arena
27 october – Eskilstuna, Stiga Sports Arena
2 november – Kristianstad, Kristianstad Arena
3 november – Växjö, Fortnox Arena
9 november – Luleå, Luleå Energi Arena
10 november – Umeå, Umeå Energi Arena
16 november – Uppsala, IFU Arena
17 november – Gävle, Gavlehovshallen

Greatest Hits


New Single : Not A Sinner Nor A Saint 2016 – Alcazar

The Magic Alcazar got their 20 Anniversary in Disco. Andreas Lundstedt, Tess Merkel and Lina Hedlund recorded a couple of days ago their New Single, a remake of their Melodifestivalen-hit “Not A Sinner Nor A Saint”.

Listen 2 Alcazar – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Not A Sinner Nor A Saint 2016 – Single 04/22/2016

Disco Defenders (CD)

Disco Defenders (MP3) 11/03/2009

Disco Defenders 07/24/2015

New Album: Disco Defenders / New Remix Single: Young Guns (Go For It) – Alcazar

Alcazar is famous for their several editions of compilations, so now Disco Defenders has her third edition featuring “Feel 4 U”, “Blame It On The Disco” and latest Smash Hit “Young Guns (Go For It)”. The incredible Wham song has also get remixed by 7th Heaven and is out now!

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Young Guns (Go For It) – Single 07/03/2015

Disco Defenders – Album 07/24/2015

Young Guns (Go For It) – Remix Single 07/28/2015

REVIEW NEW SINGLE : Blame It On The Disco – Alcazar

After their 2011 single with Dream Beats “Feel 4 U”, Alcazar  make everyone Alcazarized again last Saturday.

They participate at the fourth semi-final of Melodifestivalen and went straight to the final and are a step closer to Eurovision Songcontest. Watch this and you çan imagine they succeed:

Real Discostars came out an amazing Discoball and they released their single immediately in Scandinavia.


In case you want to hear the studio version of this Original discotune with a beautiful catchy outerspace chorus anyway. It has been published on YouTube:

For more information:

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