* New Album : Westlife At Wembley Stadium – Westlife

Last week Kian, Shane, Nicky and Mark joined Lorraine to talk about their upcoming New Album “Westlife At Wembley Stadium”, live recordings of their Live music this summer in August.

For their DVD, which was released February 13, 2007 they already did something like that. Enjoy their “Don’t Cha” for instance.





Westlife On Tour -Ebook.

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BREAKING NEWS: 15 Years Anniversary Atomic Kitten with New Album & World Tour

OMD-frontman Andy McCluskey formed a girlband at the end of the nineties and “Right Now” becomes the first single of his Atomic Kitten and that legendary moment become reality 15 years and one day ago.

Tomorrow on ITV’s Lorraine at 8.30 AM Liz McClarnon, Kerry Katona and Natasha Hamilton, tells the world about their “Big Reunion” contains their own Headlining Tour and upcoming new album Kerry has already claimed that this will going back to their “cheesy pop sound” and tour it “around the world”

“Anyone Who Has A Heart” loves the trio, including past members Heidi Range (Involved in the trio 2 years before they released their first single and was replaced by Kerry) and Jenny Frost (Who replaced Kerry in the middle of their succes in 2001) 15 years and we are ready for the next Chapter!

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Atomic Kitten: The Collection – Album 05/16/2005


(Korea Edition CD)


Access All Areas: Remixed & B-Side 06/12/2005

(CD Asian Edition)


Essential – CD 12/03/2007

(Korean Import Edition)

The Essential Collection – CD 02/21/2012

Anyone Who Had a Heart – Single – Atomic Kitten 01/27/2008

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