New CD / DVD : Wilde Winter Songbook ( Deluxe ) – Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde will re-release her Album “Wilde Winter Songbook” in a Deluxe package, featuring Rick Astley, Marty Wilde, Hal Fowler and Nik Kershaw.

Update 11/06/2015:

The New Tracks on the Album are:

Keeping The Dream Alive (Shocking briliant!)
Isobel’s Dream
Deck The Halls (Angels Sing)
Last Christmas (Acoustic)
Hope – Electric Penguins Remix
Burn Cold – Electric Penguins Remix


Wilde Winter Songbook CD/DVD 2015

Wilde Winter Songbook 2015 MP3

Wilde Winter Songbook -Kim Wilde 11/22/2013



New Album: Vintage Gold Volume 2 – Marty Wilde

5 months ago Kim Wilde’s Father Marty Wilde released his collection album “Vintage Gold” Volume One and today Volume Two has been released with 15 Classic Tracks like “Wild Cat”, “Danny”, “Endless Sleep” and “Honeycomb”.


Vintage Gold – Marty Wilde (05/22/2014)

Vintage Gold Volume Two – Marty Wilde (10/31/2014)

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