New EP : Blood Moon – Daniel J. Bowen

Not only Kula Shaker is “Over The Moon”, also Daniel J. Bowen who makes a whole EP, inspired by the four recent consecutive blood moons (total lunar eclipses) that coincided with Jewish Feast Days — an event that won’t happen for another 400 years! One of the tracks “Israel” is really amazing, but all five are beautiful with the mix of Strings and Horns with a relaxing result. For meditation use very possible!

The music is a musthave for fans of Jean-Michel Jarre and Daniel worked together with Sound Engineer Brendan McGeehan

Listen 2 “Blood Moon” and future music, take a look at this Spotify Playlist.

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New Single : We Have To Go Back – Ioannis Pane

Let’s take it pure! Ionnis Pane released his beautiful second Single “We Have To Go Back”, another right track for your daily Meditation and a great follow-Up for “A Long Time Ago”.

Listen 2 Ionnis Pane – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

Ps: “We Have To Go Back” has such a beautiful sleeve!

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We Have To Go Back – Single 09/08/2015

A Long Time Ago – Single 07/07/2015

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Album: Heart Flow – Danielle Oonk

Danielle Oonk made a beautiful amazing Yoga- album and relax your soul so deeply!

The Album is sang in Sanskrit (with a little bit English, that makes it very fairytalish)

Listen for instance to the song “Heart Flow”

7 songs with 3 more than ten minutes duration. No even a single second is boring. Even the instrumental “Heart Flow” is ending sooner than 16 minutes it seems. Amazing Piano music.

The famous song “Hara Krishna” is on the album, but to me the highlight is for sure “Gayatri Mantra”.

Heart Flow 16/04/2014

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