New Album : Greatest Hits – Spice Girls

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According to British Newspapers Sun and Mirror, The Spice Girls are in talks since summer for a 2018 reunion, featuring a New Album featuring their hits (again?) and a TV Special.

Geri Horner, Melanie B, Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton & Melanie C are all in the upcoming line-up as Melanie C did not thinks the Spice Girls won’t work out as a foursome or threesome like Take That.

Spice Girls reunited in 2012 during the Olympics and shows the world they still got IT!

To me another Greatest Hits Album sounds a bit strange… and the news is also circulating that this exclusive news is false, like the Gossip Cop magazine mentioned. So the only people who knew what is true and what is false are… the five ladies.

Greatest Hits.


Greatest Hits 11/09/2007

Spice Girls – Raw Spice: Live

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single / EP: Loving You ( The Remixes ) – Matt Cardle & Melanie C

The wonderful excellent Spice Girls-member Melanie C has a beautiful song with her lover “Loving You” released almost one year ago.

This is too beautiful to stay unnoticed, so to gave it another push, there is now The Remixes EP.Official release date is June 20th, but already available at Amazon. It contains 10 tracks.

By the way the Spanish versiono of “Te Amo” is ofcourse also a great one!

The Song is available on the CD “Porcelain” together with his incredible tune “Hit My Heart”.

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Loving You (The Remixes) – CD 03/06/2014

Loving You – MP3 Single 08/20/2013

Te Amo – 08/18/2013

Loving You – 08/10/2013

Hit My Heart – Single 03/30/2014

Hit My Heart – EP 04/06/2014

Porcelain – CD 10/28/2013

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single: Hit My Heart – Matt Cardle

X Factor 2010 -participant Matt Cardle released last year a duet with Melanie C “Te Amo” / “Loving You”, then “When You Were My Girl” and now released an amazing new song “Hit My Heart”.

All the mentioned songs are available at his album “Porcelain” and at the “Hit My Heart EP” is brandnew song “It’s All Just Talk” included.

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