Breaking News : Comeback Destiny’s Child

Last week Destiny’s Child created an Instagram and the fans are thinking that this is the first sign of… the comeback of Kelly Rowland, Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams.

Listen 2 Destiny’s Child – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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#1S – Album 02/17/1998

Magic Event : Michelle Williams @ Bimray Gospelfestival Amsterdam

Tye Tribbett and Michelle Williams (both singing “Fall” on Michelle’s latest Album) from Destiny’s Child were headlining Bimray Gospelfestival Amsterdam last Sunday, but Tye Tribbett cancelled his show, but that does not matter at all, because it was a beautiful “Holy Sun”nyday!

Dutch acts like Wazzup Singers, Classic Meets Gospel Classic Meets Gospel and Fabian Willems try to warm-up the return of Michelle Williams, who wasn’t in Holland performing for many years and they all did it very well!

The show starts at 3 PM, because some people has Heineken Music Hall all by themselves for a workshop with… the R&B Goddess herself Michelle Williams.

While the audience were swinging on Berima Amo and Turning Point Choir and Classic Meets Gospel, a few people are the lucky ones to meet Michelle Williams in private. One of them was me. Eeuh yes, really! The chicks from “De Kippen” (De kippen means chicks 😉 ) were so kind to gave me that opportunity and it was all worth to wait for.

The colourful girl in black was sitting at a chair in a way that you think “she is my sweet neighbour”, but her charisma makes the difference! Shine like a star and interested in everyone and try everything to make people feel like we were at home in stead of the regular hysterical chaotical press conferences, that you really needs to push everyone aside and scream to get attention.

Michelle become famous with “Independent Woman” in 2000. While her former colleagues Kelly Rowland and Beyonce Knowles are still comfortable with their sexy outfits (less is more). Michelle is without those kind of sexy clothes, maybe the most sexy lady of them all as it’s all in her eyes and her lovely smile!

Her latest Album “Journey To Freedom” sounds like a Pop Urban record as she don’t want to make a Gospel Album that sounds depressing.”It sounds like fun,upbeat, like House, Dance and EDM, comparing to her Dance Pop Album “Unexpected”, that caused a duet with Dance Diva Naté and for me my personal favorite song “Waiting On You”

Back to Gospel, Michelle got ofcourse favorites, Trevor Green. listen to “Lonesome Road”, available from his “Collide EP”

The Q & A’s ends in a funny way when a lady try to say “Can we expect something new” by accident not very well. It sounds like she asked “Can we expect something nude”. Really a moment to record and spread around the globe!

Michelle Williams is very social. She is able to gave everyone some love and not only us (that there was no opportunity to asked her for a “Magic Music Moments with…-report” was to me no problem, but especially not when I see her way she wants to divide her time with so many people). The sweetheart jumps on stage at 9 PM after singer Nicole Bus introduce her and she makes the crowd go wild to prove that “Gospel is NOT Depressing” with “Watch Me Praise Him” (Originally by Voices Of Unity). Her one hour show including her first Single “Heard A Word” from her Album “Heart To Yours”, Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” and “Say Yes”. The latest track she invite the Workshop-participants to join her on stage and they all were smiling and dancing like they just heard they won the jackpot. Also she sang some Christmas songs in a very unique pure way.

In case you think that Michelle “Can’t Do Better than that”, I have some news for you! She ends with her latest Single ” Believe In Me” (a request by someone on Instragram, who was attending the show) and a lovely lady next to me are really wondering “Is it true, she climb off stage to come in the audience”. Yes, she does she make a round full of heavenly love and leave the crowd bewitched.

After I watched the latest act “Troyson James en The New York Gospel Singers Show” someone from the organisation was running to me. She asked me how everything went and that she was so sweet to have the time for everyone behind the scenes.

God is love and Michelle knows how to express!

Special thanks to Communicatiebureau De Kippen and Heineken Music Hall for the wonderful support!

Listen 2 Michelle Williams – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Survivor – Album 05/01/2001

Love: Destiny EP

8 Days Of Christmas – Album 10/16/2001

This Is The Remix – EP 12/21/2002

Destiny Fulfilled – Album 11/10/2004

Heart To Yours – Album 04/16/2002

Do You Know – Album (2004)

Heart To Yours/Do You Know 03/27/2007

Unexpected – Album (09/26/2008)

Journey To Freedom – Album 09/09/2014


Waiting On You – Ultra Nate & Michelle Williams – Single 12/11/2011

Collide EP – Trevor Green 08/07/2014

The Voice Of Holland Winner: O’G3NE

Lisa, Amy & Shelley starts their International career as the participant for Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with the Dutch Song “Adem In, Adem Uit”.

The kids are now young adults and changed their name into “O’G3NE”, the bloodgroup of their mother. The Sisters participate under that name at The Voice Of Holland. Last friday they become the winners of the Fifth season and even Perez Hilton noticed the beautiful harmony of the girls with a cover from Wilson Phillips “Hold On”.

They are ready to conquer the world. That is what they want. Take a look at their Discography and BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Images)

300% – Album – Lisa, Amy & Shelley 06/02/2008

The Power Of Christmas – EP – Lisa, Amy & Shelley 12/05/2008

‘T Is Zomer – Single – Lisa, Amy & Shelley 06/12/2009

‘t is zomer – EP Lisa, Amy & Shelley 06/12/2009

Magie – Single Lisa, Amy & Shelley 07/31/2009

Fout Ventje – Single 09/08/2010

Niemand – Single Lisa, Amy & Shelley 04/29/2011

Dicht Bij Jou – Single – Lisa, Amy & Shelley 09/16/2011

Boemerdeboem – Single – Lisa, Amy & Shelley 02/17/2012

Op De Radio – Single Lisa, Amy & Shelley 09/14/2012

Ik Wil Jou – Young Smooties (feat. Lisa, Amy & Shelley) – Single 05/23/2013

Diep In De Nacht – Single – Lisa, Amy & Shelley 05/28/2013

Al Mijn Vrienden (Van “Sinterklaas En De Pepernoten Chaos”) – Single – Lisa, Amy & Shelley 09/30/2013

Emotion – Single – O’G3NE 09/13/2014

I See Fire – Single – Gabriella Massa & O’G3NE 10/25/2014

Clash 8 – Single – Abigail Martina & O’G3NE 11/22/2014

Buttons – Single – O’G3NE 11/29/2014

Change Will Come – Single – O’G3NE 12/06/2014

Hold On – Single – O’G3nE 12/13/2014

Magic – Single – O’G3NE 12/13/2014

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