New Single : Don’t Know What Came Over Me / New Album : Let Me Fly – Mike & The Mechanics

Mike & The Mechanics got a fantastic New Hit “Don’t Know What Came Over Me”.

Single is available at the “Let Me Fly” Album.

My Best Of Mike & The Mechanics

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Let Me Fly – Album 04/07/2017

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Album: The Singles Collection 2000-2014 – Paul Carrack

Former Mike & The Mechanics – singer has released so many beautiful singles the last 14 years and they are all collected at his new album with such a great cover “The Singles Collection 2000-2014” including his latest singles “Life’s Too Short” and “I’m Losing You” (from “Rain Or Shine”).

30 tracks of music history, including classics like “Walk On By” (Dionne Warwick) and “Sunny” (Bobby Hebb)! So recommended in this remastered bunch of incredible singles from the past and present!

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The Singles Collection MP3 Album

I’m Losing You – MP3 Single 04/13/2014

Life’s Too Short / The Living Years – MP3 Single 02/10/2014

Rain Or Shine – MP3 Album 11/25/2013

Rain Or Shine – CD

11 NEW Remastered ALBUMS: Paul Carrack

Earlier this month I have told you that Paul Carrack has released a new single “Life’s Too Short/ The Living Years”, that won’t be the only release this month, as Paul Carrack has eleven old albums, remastered and released today.

These albums are remastered:

Winter Wonderland;
Still Groovin;
Satisfy My Soul;
Old, New, Borrowed and Blue;
It Ain’t Over;
I Know That Name – Ultimate Version;
I Know That Name;
Greatest Hits – The Story So Far;
Good Feeling;
Beautiful World;
A Different Hat.

What is your favorite album?

NEW SINGLE: Life’s Too Short – Paul Carrack

Say it loud, say it clear … Paul Carrack is back with another great single.

Mike & The Mechanics-singer Paul Carrack, who support last year Eric Clapton with his 50th annniversary tour, “Old Sock”,has released a beautiful two track, with leading song “Life Is Too Short”, from his 2013 album “Rain or Shine”

It’s a beautiful popsong like he Always made, with as bonus a new live (at The Royal Palace, Stockholm) version of his smash hit “The Living Years”. He does that with the so-called “Robert Wells Orchestra and Choir”

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