New Single : Pop Don’t Stop (ft. Ricky Wilde) / New Album : Here Comes The Aliens – Kim Wilde

Next week Kim Wilde will release another duet. This time with brother Ricky Wilde and their “Pop Don’t Stop”. Scarlett Wilde made the artworks of this Single and the New Album “Here Comes The Aliens”.

Greatest Hits (incl. “Pop Don’t Stop”!


Here Come The Aliens – Album 03/16/2018

Pop Don’t Stop (Single Mix) – Single 01/30/2018

MAGIC SPECIAL : Final Eurovision Songcontest 2016 / Matt Simons Versus Frans / Eurovision Albums And More

This is the list of participants, who tries to be Eurovision Songcontest Winner 2016.

(Click On The Images to purchase on Amazon or Itunes)

01) What’s The Pressure – Laura Tesoro (Belgium)

02) I Stand – Gabriela Gunčíková (Czech Republic)


03) Slow Down – Douwe Bob (Holland)

04) Miracle – Samra (Azerbaijan)

05) Pioneer – Freddie (Hungary)

06) No Degree Of Seperation – Francesca Michielin (Italy)

07) Made Of Stars – Hovi Star (Israel)

08) If Love Was A Crime – Poli Genova (Bulgaria)

09) If I Were Sorry – Frans (Sweden)

Catch & Release – Matt Simons

10) Ghost – Jamie-Lee (Germany)



Berlin – Album (CD)

11) J’ai Cherché – Amir (France)

Au cœur de moi – Album

12) Color Of Your Life – Michał Szpak (Poland)

Byle Byc Soba – Album



13) Sound Of Silence – Dami Im (Australia)


Sound of Silence


14) Alter Ego – Minus One (Cyprus)

15) Goodbye (Shelter) Sanja Vučić ZAA (Serbia)

16) I’ve Been Waiting for This Night – Donny Montell (Lithuania)


#Blck – Album

17) Lighthouse – Nina Kraljić (Croatia)

18) You Are The Only One – Sergey Lazarev (Russia)

18) Say Yay! – Barei (Spain)

Throw The Dice – Album

20) Heartbeats – Justs (Latvia)


21) 1944 – Jamala (Ukraine)


22) Walk On Water – Ira Losco (Malta)

23) Midnight Cold – Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz (Georgia)

24) Loin d’ici – Zoë (Austria)

Debut (Deluxe) – Album



25) You’re Not Alone – Joe & Jake (United Kingdom)

(Cahill Club Mix)

26) LoveWave – Mukuchyan (Armenia)

My Predictions is:

06)The Netherlands;
17)United Kingdom;
24)Czech Republic;

Will tonight have a better interval than this incredible “Grey People”during the first show?

Romania could not pay the Eurovision Invoice, so here is a “Moment of Silence”, performed by Ovidiu Anto.

Listen 2 Eurovision Songcontest 2016 – Spotify – Playlist.

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New Album : Unleash The Beat (Emerald Mix) – Jes

“Unleash the Beat (Emerald Mix)” is the New Album by Jes, featuring 15 EDM tracks like “Furia” with Dimension, “Trigger” with Dirty Ducks & Execute, “Hold On” with Shant, Clint Maximus & Fatum, “Ocean Drive” with Joonas Hahmo & K-System, “Aminia” with Jakko and the latest Single “Yai (Here We Go Again” with Cosmic Gate.

The Album continues with “One Way To LA” with Monoverse, “Atom” with Moonbeam, “Runaway” with Cold Blue, Dennis Shepard & Triad Dragons, “Koi Koi” with Alex O’Rion,”Cairo” with Jason Ross, “Runaway Train” with Alex Kunnari, “Flying Kitten” with Bobina, “Two Souls” with Fisherman & Hawkins.

Final track is the Title Track “Unleash The Beat (Emerald Mix)”.

Listen 2 Jes – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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New Single: The Light / Divine Lullaby – Jaden Cornelious

Jaden Cornelious has released his new single “The Light” written by Jaden and John Butler featuring violinist Eloise Kenny-Ryder.

Also the 2013 written track “Divine Lullaby” is released for charity (Alexander Devine Childrens Hospice Service)

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The Light – Affirmation Mix

The Light – Illumination Version

The Light – Instrumental Version

Divine Lullaby

Review New Single: Amoreme – DJ Assad Feat. Papi Sanchez & Luyanna

To get the right Christmas feeling. “DJ Assad Featuring Papi Sanchez & Luyanna” released this great summertune last december in France;

Now it is time to get the spanish vibe:

I think this a really good record to celebrate the summer whole year long and the spanish version is as good as the French version.

For more information: (French DJ Assad) , &

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