New Single : Be Myself Tonight / New Album : My Prediction – Moses Universe

Moses Universe finally released his incredible New Album ” My Prediction”, featuring his Single “Over & Over”, “My Prediction”, “Epic”, “Vortex” and “I’m Your Man”, he did with Xelle.

His latest Single “Be Myself Tonight” is also included in the Album.

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New Single: My Prediction / I Always Say Goodbye – Moses Universe / I’m Your Man – Moses Universe / Xelle

Moses Romatski AKA Moses Universe is a Dance Recording Artist and Night Life Socialite who has worked with the incredible duo Xelle on his most recent single “I’m Your Man”. Now Moses released the Official Videoclip of his track”My Prediction”.

The Videoclip starring some of New York City’s illustrious nightlife personalities including Amanda Lepore, Early Ross, Jeremy Xtravaganza, King Vulcanus Levi, & Kelly Lee Dekay.

My Prediction 07/17/2014

I Always Say Goodbye 07/17/2014

I’m Your Man 08/05/2014

I’m Your Man – Remix Package EP 08/27/2014

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