New Single: Als Ik Thuiskom (Highland – One More Time) – TAKE II

One More Time, was a Scandinavian band with the very friendly symphatic singer Nanne Grönvall, who is still very famous in Sweden.  They got an incredible tune called “Higland”.

The popgroup performed also in Belgium in 1993 for “Tien Om Te Zien”

Now the Belgium siblings Nathalie & Erik Hoeykens TAKE II has made a Dutch song out of it “Als Ik Thuiskom”


Highland EP – One More Time 1992

Als Ik Thuiskom 04/15/2015

New Single: Kan Du Ge Dig Fan På – Nanne

Swedish singer Nanne impressed with the Dancetune “Kan Du Ge Dig Fan På” with and without the amazing SoundFactory.

Please be aware that the Single got a smashing videoclip!

If the song gets an English rework, this should be Nanne’s worldhit with those fantastic beats!

BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Image)

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