New Single: My Prediction / I Always Say Goodbye – Moses Universe / I’m Your Man – Moses Universe / Xelle

Moses Romatski AKA Moses Universe is a Dance Recording Artist and Night Life Socialite who has worked with the incredible duo Xelle on his most recent single “I’m Your Man”. Now Moses released the Official Videoclip of his track”My Prediction”.

The Videoclip starring some of New York City’s illustrious nightlife personalities including Amanda Lepore, Early Ross, Jeremy Xtravaganza, King Vulcanus Levi, & Kelly Lee Dekay.

My Prediction 07/17/2014

I Always Say Goodbye 07/17/2014

I’m Your Man 08/05/2014

I’m Your Man – Remix Package EP 08/27/2014

Review New Album: Is There Anybody Out There? – A Great Big World

A Great Big World has released their debut album “Is there anybody out there?”, including ofcourse their worldwide breakthrough smash hit with Christina Aguilera “Say Something” (Also without Christina excellent) and their debut single “This Is The New Year”.

Its a great album with a bit rock and a bit pop. Think the band is very good in ballads as “Already Home” is one of them. If you like boybands like One Direction, than you like the song “I Really Want It”.

They change the world with a great (open-minded) gay anthem (not Disco or Club). Very stylish “Everyone Is Gay”.

The full album has great tracks, even the not mentioned ones, so recommended!

If You want to know more about the guys from New York Ian Axel & Chad Vaccarino:





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