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Nightwish-member from the past Tarja Turunen worked together with Mike Terrana for her new Album, that contains a 2CDstrong>

To hear a first full song. This is “Witch Hunt”

The release date is stated on Amazon at June 10th for the double CD / DVD including 21 Live Tracks with the incredible “I Walk Alone” and according to YouTube it will be out May 30th.

Bach to Mozart to Rossini as well as rock classics from Queen, Led Zeppelin and Tarja is the “Beauty & The Beat” in short.

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Beauty & The Beat MP3 05/30/2014

Hydra – Within Temptation

The Symphonic rock-band with front lady Sharon den Adel do not make an album each year, but if they release one it really sounds like just another Greatest Hits – CD.


In different formats, like a beautiful LP-boxset they celebrate that they are back on track.

After the release of the singles “Paradise (What About Us) ” with ex- Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen, “Dangerous” with ex- Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones will be the upcoming single with Soul Asylum -singer Dave Pirner and will be replaced for the Polish release by Coma – singer Piotr Rogucki.

If you think this is all about duets, than this is not true.  Only Xzibit is appearing “And We Run” and for the other 6 tracks Sharon stands strong all alone.

It’s hard to decide which 3 songs are the best, but I think it will be the choosen singles. Especially “Dangerous” has so much beautiful layers that the song will be an eye-catcher or must I better say an ear-candy?

If you can’t get enough and 49 minutes is too short, take a look at the tracklist bonus-CD, do I need to say more?

Disc: 2
1. Radioactive (Originally By Imagine Dragons)
2. Summertime Sadness (Originally By Lana Del Rey)
3. Let Her Go (Originally By Passenger)
4. Dirty Dancer (Originally By Enrique Iglesias)
5. And We Run *Evolution Track
6. Silver Moonlight *Evolution Track
7. Covered By Roses *Evolution Track
8. Tell Me Why *Evolution Track

And for the Japanese fans:

9. “Grenade” (Bruno Mars Cover, actually track 15 on CD)
10. “The Power Of Love” (Frankie Goes to Hollywood Cover, actually track 16 on CD)

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