BREAKING NEWS : Janet Jackson – Shoulda Known Better – A Tribute To The Victims of the Orlando Shooting

Janet Jackson’s released a beautiful “Tribute To The Victims of the Orlando Shooting”. Listen and watch “Shoulda Known Better”.

I send lots of magic love to the victims and wish Gayclub Pulse all the best with their “Unbreakable” future!

The song is available at her “Unbreakable” Album.

Listen 2 Janet Jackson – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Unbreakable (CD)

Unbreakable – Limited Target Exclusive by Janet Jackson (CD)

Unbreakable (Deluxe with 2 Bonus Tracks) (CD)

Unbreakable (2LP)

Unbreakable – Album 10/02/2015

BREAKING NEWS : The Voice- Singer Christina Grimmie Killed

It has never happens in pophistory, but after a concert in Orlando. The Voice-singer Christina Grimmie has been killed when she signed material at her Merchandise-stand afterwords.

Her brother take a grip of the killer and during a fight, the murdered commit suicide.

Christina was very popular and the 22 year old was ready to be a very succesful artist.

In 2013 she released her Album “With Love” and this february she released her EP “Side A”.

Christina Grimmie (22) Rest In Peace.

Listen 2 Christina Grimmie – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Find Me – EP 06/21/2011

Find Me (Stripped) – Single 06/25/2012

With Love – Album 08/06/2013

The Complete Season 6 Collection (The Voice Performance) 05/21/2014

Must Be Love – Single 07/21/2014

Cliche – Single 03/16/2015


Stay with Me – Single
Diamond Eyes & Christina Grimmie – Single 05/27/2015

Shrug – Single 07/02/2015

Side A EP 02/21/2016

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